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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #690282014-01-24 20:36:32DarkChaplain said:

    Dear _____,

    You make it very hard for me to want to be friends still. It ain't easy seeing you being so selfdestructive and shrugging off things as if they were normal. You worry me.

  2. #690292014-01-24 20:56:209mm said:

    Dear girl,

    You asked me why I bring umbrella everyday. It's because if by some chance it rains, I can offer you my umbrella. Some day.

  3. #690342014-01-24 23:46:33 *Mau said:

    Dear you,

    I will snuggle and cuddle you to death, and be as sarcastic as I want while doing so.

  4. #690672014-01-25 10:24:56 *Gwynn said:

    thing 1: It's official, you're getting another shot. It'll never be fixed, never made right, and I know how you can't just accept the past, and move on. We're gonna stop pretending that you're an adult, don't worry, we'll reconsile one day. It won't come in one huge push that you can resist, it'll be slow, something that grinds away at you. If you can recognise this, then maybe we can talk, but I have no trust for you until then. thing 2: Look who you missed out on, all those years. It's gotta be sad to be you, but I can't shed a tear for someone so lazy. It's about time you showed me something, don't fuck it up like you did the last four times. It truly scares me that we don't have a real history, no surprises please, we're all business for a reason.

  5. #693372014-01-30 04:56:15DarkChaplain said:

    Dear _____,
    Thank you for making me smile so much. Even if you might not fully believe me yet, you are a fantastic person and I enjoy spending time with you. You deserve to be happy, and I hope you'll let me know if I can help you in any way at achieving happiness.

    Dear _____,
    Your constant drama, pressuring, anxiety and overreacting is seriously bothering me, and making me want to distance myself further. There's a time and place for these things, and they're not everywhere, all the time. As much as I like you, you make it hard for me to not snap, pick up my things and leave entirely.

    Dear ____,
    I am sorry you have to deal with all this stress and general bullshit. It is not fair that you get from one circle of hell to the next, without breathing room in-between. You are a good person, and I want to see you happy, not stressed out and exhausted. I am glad you are my friend, but I often feel like I don't do enough to support you, or am limited by circumstances. I am glad to have met you, though... Hang in there!

    Dear ______,
    I hope you're finally over that dickhead. Really, you deserve better, and yadda yadda, I already chewed your ears off about that whole thing. Time to move on, woman! You've got a whole bunch of better people just waiting for you, so be a bit more picky with your candidates, alright?

    Dear __________,
    Go eat a dick.

  6. #694342014-01-31 14:54:38johan_5179 said:

    You stupid fuck of a professor,

    I get it that you wanted results, and that you wanted some serious work out of the society, and I do personally share your concern. But to just announce that every person who has actually been organising things up till today are failures, and to kick all of them out of their positions is no way to do it. There have been lapses, yes, but we have some solid work behind us, and its is the people you humiliated in front of everyone who did that stuff. I don't really care if the society withers away and dies, I hold no post, I'm simply the editor and I edit stuff as and when it comes in, but that does not mean that every single person in the room was not pissed off at your despicable idea for 'shaking things up'.

    What do you think you can achieve with the few people who actually are willing to work for you now? These are kids who love reading Shakespeare's novels. These are people who joined the society because they thought it was a fucking book club of sorts. I don't know if you see it, but we are the ones who actually have to read what these morons put to paper. And it stinks, it stinks bad. And these are the people you invited to publicly humiliate the best and the brightest which the last three years of this college have produced.

    You think that appointing us second years as the new post holders will encourage us to work for you? It only makes us nervous about being around you when the decision making goes on. You will get your smooth running efficient society. But that is because you will hear no arguments. You will hear no dissent, you will get your way. And you know something, it will suck. And we will leave.

    Keep your sheep with you. We have no business with them. We could kill them, but its not worth the effort.


    Your student,


  7. #696182014-02-03 10:39:57 *Mau said:
    Dear, Motherfucker who calls me at 4AM

    Aren't you tired?(not physically, you sustain yourself by being an emotional vampire.)
    Like really, all you seem to do is go on extremes.
    Tone it the fuck down, for god sakes you got what you wanted, why are you still harping on the past? Move on with your life.
    They moved on.
    You should too.
    All you're doing is aggravating yourself, and the only people that care are the people who kiss your ass, and they're just doing it so you don't bitch at them.

    Get a life.
    Or at least a hobby, have you tried knitting?
  8. #696282014-02-03 12:00:44abinit123 said:

    Dear teachers,

    Can you not give me work at the ame time? do you all meeet up for tea and crumpets and just have a giggle about it? do you all make sure that I get it on the same day? AND HOW COME ITS ALWAYS GIVEN TO ME ON A FRIDAY?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!.... cough anyway i would much appreciate if you would rethink your life choices.

    Thanks a bunch, abinit123.

  9. #697182014-02-05 00:11:43Kip said:

    dear _____,

    you are an absolute waste of space, i don't know why he bothers to keep you around. you don't do shit, and you'd rather leave work for others to take care of instead of bothering yourself with it. you honestly don't have any right to get upset when people call you out on your laziness, as if you've done nothing wrong. you've got responsibilities - take care of them.

    grow a fucking pair or get out.

  10. #697252014-02-05 06:26:39Mobile_Phone said:

    Dear _____:

    Maybe you are right. It would be easier to be the one that's floating on top of the water. Or more specifically, as a dead body. But that's cowardice and quite frankly, I don't like you enough to follow through with that advice.