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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #795172014-07-04 12:56:47Jacek said:


    I don't want you to get the wrong idea, I'm really not angry in the slightest. The entire situation is too silly to actually get mad. But no one shows me that level of disrespect and comes out unscathed. You mess with the bull, you get some mildly sharp horns. But in complete seriousness, I really hope it was worth it for you because I don't expect the nature of our relationship to change from this.


    p.s go fuck yourself

  2. #796142014-07-05 15:17:55Zyxx23 said:

    Dear Mil,

    Oh how I respected you for being our proud and fearless leader. You were the one who founded our online community which became a haven for us outcasts and otaku. You even fought for our independence when the other group we were formerly in was disrespecting us. I thought it was gonna be a place where I can fit in for a long long time. But then you freakin' became paranoid all of a sudden and said you did not trust us. I saw what you said to one of my friend and co-DJ. You did not even let him explain, then you freakin said you freakin don't trust us anymore. And because of what? because of a simple joke that means fucking nothing at all!?! You are too freakin paranoid! I knew this was coming when one of us DJs quit. It was a matter of time I guess. So now I bid you farewell. Also to all the chatons, you guys changed a lot and not for the better. I'm very disappointed and sad. So bye all of you! Me, Ai-chan, and Zie really wish you would fix yourselves for the better.


    Me (on behalf of Ai-chan and Zie)

  3. #797532014-07-08 14:52:49Gwynn said:


    Life has been way too awesome since the move, and it's all real?

    No, I don't think so. You're dead. Have fun with that.

    Your brain

  4. #799942014-07-10 22:50:15 *Zyxx23 said:

    Dear Family,

    I love you guys... but not during mornings. You know why? cause all of yous are insensitive and a bunch of loudmouths! Really? You guys do freakin know that I'm sleeping right? So why the fuck would you put the TV volume way too loud? or even talk too loud? and then all becomes quiet when I'M FUCKING WIDE AWAKE!? explain it to me please. It fuckin happens almost every fuking day. When I stay up all night I make sure not to wake any of you. But when I'm asleep, oh you all go make sure to make as much noise as possible. You all are a bunch of insensitive people! I can't wait to move out. Oh how I really really want to move out. Well too bad for me that is impossible for now, financially speaking. Hope you'll consider to be quiet when someone is fucking asleep. I know this will only happen when my baby cousin is in the house. Oh how I wait for their arrival... on November. It will be a sleep glory time T^T


    Sleep deprived me

  5. #805922014-07-20 20:12:12--Jack-- said:

    Dear ____

    Don't ask me to join you guys for dinner, then change the plans for just getting take out. On top of that, don't rope me in then ask me to go pick it up just because I'm not paying. Fuck you, you lazy twats. Maybe if we'd originally planned to do that I wouldn't have a problem.

  6. #806322014-07-21 17:52:11DarkChaplain said:

    I'm on 6.13 and it at least works better than the early 6.xxers. 5 won't work anymore, and the upcoming versions phone-ify the interface horribly. So I'd recommend picking up something around 6.13 online and installing it manually, and then blocking updates

  7. #807232014-07-22 12:46:10AshitoKenji said:

    I had been trying to sleep for 2 hours. I came onto chat because I had nothing else to do, and I certainly wasn't going to be sleeping any time soon.

  8. #806382014-07-21 21:03:25xiaden said:

    I have to appreciate the fact that you left all the expensive stuff here.

    I'd really love to know where you went though.

  9. #807382014-07-22 23:04:02kamihate said:

    Dear girl

    I wish you know how I feel, and I wish you know how much I love you. If someday you read this words, just remember this words. I love you more than anything, and I wish one day, be worthy of you.

  10. #807542014-07-23 06:30:05Maryam said:

    Dear Daniel,

    I'm going to miss you so much and I feel terrible for never ever sharing that I actually even liked you haha that's just me. Despite everything we did together, I don't think you really understood how truly awesome I thought you were and honestly only now that it's hitting me that I'll never see you or any of you guys ever again do I even realize this. Never did I think I'd cry over you or miss you this much but hey. I find myself wanting to go back on my word and actually try but we both know that's not wise. I love you. just not enough. Have fun with the other (just as great, if not, less cool) Daniel in Chiraq.


    Dear the whole of JSA,

    you made my summer, turned me into an expert on american politicss, and I'll miss you all more than words can describe. Thank you.


  11. #808612014-07-25 06:36:05Teil said:

    Dear wiki of the show I'm watching,

    WHY WOULD YOU PUT MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER'S DEATH -WHICH I DID NOT EXPECT IN AWAY WAY WHAT SO EVER- ON THE FRONT PAGE. You have ruined the show for me. I am also to blame for descending into your depths but I'm putting it all on you anyways.

    -A very very miserable viewer

  12. #811162014-07-31 13:14:58Gwynn said:

    It's important to remember that circumstance is what motivated your actions. It's not something you can judge yourself for in hindsight, it's useless and you know it. Results matter. Any and all collateral damage is manageable, predicted and accepted. If they choose to continue leaving you out, then you're simply not one of them, is that a bad thing? No.

    You know for a fact that you're winning, it's one year on and it's working. You've stolen what the other four wanted, his pride. There's no greater prize among them, their jealousy is not your problem. You can't always get what you want, but you're a fighter who gets what she needs. Stop focusing on the battle, and look at the war. Results matter.

  13. #811922014-08-02 14:19:19 *Zyxx23 said:

    Dear me,

    You hurt her again. Good job me, you suck so much :D I just wish you'd get your shit straight, fix your life, and maybe rip out your heart. Cause guess what, you'll just keep hurting yourself by aimlessly throwing away everything good about your life. I know, you're freakin afraid, but still dude stop pushing people away. Start being true to yourself for one and stop hiding behind that mask you heartless bitch :D


    The other me

    PS. I hate you me :D

  14. #816082014-08-16 00:09:02 *Cenica said:

    Dear Person,
    I get that you want me to work hard, but you of all people should know that there is a limit to just how much a person can take.
    You've been trying to make my job sound better than it is and pushing me to seek an assistant management position. I hate to remind you but I never planned to stay at this job very long. I told you that in the beginning. It was meant to be a temporary job so that I could get some money saved up before going back to college. You seemed to think it was a good idea then.
    Still I stuck with this job through the ups and downs and have been here almost a year.
    Now that I want to quit and go back to school you've suddenly decided that it's not a great idea. (You can hardly keep track of your own mind I don't think you should be suggesting I change mine.)
    Maybe it has something to do with the money you keep borrowing from me? It seems as of late that I've become your own personal creditor, yet you don't want me to help out with groceries or bills. I can't decide if that's ironic or just plain stupid.
    Please just trust me to know what I'm doing. I know what I want and I'm working towards it. You butting in isn't helping me get there.

  15. #816132014-08-16 07:21:34 *NidTheBard said:

    Dear Managers,

    Please hire me. I will work whatever hours and position is available if you would just give me a job. I'm tired of being without money, so please give me a chance.

    Sincerely, Nid

    Dear Great Friend,

    I know I say it to you all the time, but your a beautiful, lovely, and amazing person that I just want to cuddle with forever. You helped me through some crap and I wish I could see you more. Sorry I'm bad at being social, I promise to talk to you more when you're awake.

    Sincerely, Your Weird Friend

  16. #816172014-08-16 15:08:00Littlefootroserocker said:

    You really piss me off........I only got angry because you told me to look for the package around the house. I asked you if you recieved the package because I would think you would remember seeing a big package in the mail and remember it. WHY THE HELL DID YOU TELL ME TO LOOK AROUND THE FUCKIN HOUSE!!!! I know you know that it did not come through the mail yet! I need that stupid book for class though...........(!_!)