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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #892672015-05-01 15:27:40Quintessential said:


    The chickens haven't been the same without you. They've changed since you left. They won't eat or drink, they do nothing but stare at the wall of the coop with blurred eyes as if staring at a long lost ghost, sometimes I think that they have lost their reason for living. They've started attacking each other and trying to peck each others eyes out, I've had to keep them in individual compartments while they wait for the day they die. Please come back. They need you now more than ever. I never realised how good of a chicken caretaker you were. I appreciate that a lot more nowadays. Come back and take these poor creatures back under your wing.

    Love, Lucy

  2. #892832015-05-01 18:15:54LadyS said:

    Dear ___,

    I'm one person. Stop depending on me and handle your own shit! I have my own stuff to worry about without you constantly bothering me.

  3. #903972015-06-18 13:49:29zatsunen said:
    So I know now. That everything was a lie. I'm late in knowing, since everyone apparently found out weeks ago. I was angry. Then I was sad. And disappointed. And now I just.. don't really care anymore. ._. I was a bit concerned since no one would tell me why you suddenly disappeared but now it all seems so stupid.

    You know I wouldn't have cared if you just told the truth from the beginning. I was more interested in our friendship and fun chats than who you were irl. I didn't know that much about you anyway in the first place but whatever chances you got to tell me about yourself, you just piled the lies on. And now that it's come out, you've lost everyone.

    I don't hate you. The feeling is more of indifference now. I think it's been moving towards that for a while anyway and the breaking point was finding out about everything. You were fun for the first year we talked to each other every day about nothing and everything. I have my doubts now about the things you told me that I believed without hesitation but I can still say that I'll treasure those memories. As time wore on and you disappeared on and off, I could tell see our friendship waning anyway as you became increasingly self absorbed in our conversations.

    I think it's time I burn this bridge. I don't need you to come back. I don't need an apology. Or an explanation. You played your part in a chapter of my life that's shaped who I am and I do not regret meeting you, regardless of all the lies. I made so many lovely friends that I treasure because you anchored my interest in CL for the first year of our friendship, thank you for that.

    But now your part is over. How you played it was your choice and now it's my choice to opt out.

    Have a good life, I know I will.

    It was fun.
  4. #915092015-08-24 14:20:12Ecstasy said:

    Dear A.,

    Was really nice to finally see you here, even though you had your ass on fire and needed to run away somewhere at 4 am with the lesser human being you call your best friend. Thanks for listening to my rumbling and giving me a couple of hugs, your attention is a precious treasure that I'm going to cherish for a while.

    Do visit more often and have a good one,

  5. #918272015-09-02 18:16:39Kip said:

    dear small child of the other family

    you broke my matryoshka. i am very upset. this thing is over 10 fucking years old. it was a gift.

    i am slowly hating your family more and more????????????? i don't think i will be doing the baby sit again.

    regards, a mad woman

  6. #919572015-09-08 10:18:47Lieutenant said:

    Dear my twin sister,

    do come over and play RO sometimes, or just spending time with me, when I'm at home obviously.

    Your twin sister.

  7. #919692015-09-10 03:46:25 *MythAutism said:

    To You. You came into my life like a scorpions song you took my breath away and with my breath you actually took my money and my time. You used me to get what you wanted, you fucked me for interest, come on WE ARE 18 wtf are you doing with your life, you are such a bad person... a gold digger at this age and for a while you were my friend/girlfriend and i really liked you even if you lied to me. You know i kinda liked it somehow and i wish you my kindest regards even if you are a bitch <3

  8. #920222015-09-14 00:46:57--Jack-- said:

    Dear rest of the group I'm working on this Analysis project with,

    Get your shit together, I won't be doing any work that we divided out to other members. I already gathered data and basically orchestrated everything even though the "team leader" position is someone else...who will get points just for being decided as such. And to top it off I'm one of the younger members out of the class too..

  9. #920462015-09-15 18:48:27 *Gwynn said:

    I could never replace you; and yes, I remember the good along with the bad. It's time for me to move on, this is something new. We had something unique, and this one will be unique too.

  10. #920542015-09-17 14:53:57Rinneko said:

    Dear _______,

    Your complaints are never going to solve anything, and I've been listening to them for seven years running now. It's a wonder why your life has been at a standstill, right? So tell me: what do you want?

  11. #920562015-09-17 15:50:54Deftones said:

    Dear Kiwi Neighbours.

    I don't need to explain why I hate you, but, you cannibalistic cock-sucking AIDS-Ridden donkey fuckers need to keep it down.

    Fuck you cunts. Bunch of sheep shagging wankers.