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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #920602015-09-18 00:37:54 *MrTrain said:

    dear person,
    OH my gosh, if you know that pain dealt to the both of the people then why don't you think it hurts me just as it does you? the difference with our strength isn't exactly that I don't feel any pain, it's that I don't complain about it as much as you do. >:(

  2. #921782015-09-24 09:59:24 *Zyxx23 said:

    Dear A,

    I loved you completely, but then you suddenly left me like a used old rag. I feel useless and stupid and I hated myself for being unable to keep you. I don't know if it is my fault or not. But what I do know is that I am now broken. I want you back, but I am afraid the man you once knew is long dead and gone.

    With love,

    Fucked up me

  3. #921942015-09-24 19:39:49crazymexican said:

    to all of you

    how many times is it that i open this website and lerk without posting or going on chat, so many fond memories. i hope all of you are doing ok

  4. #924342015-10-03 15:21:26Zyxx23 said:

    Dear RM,

    I know your intentions are good, but for fuck's sake stop butting in. You fucking just had to butt in, to fucking share information to people we did not fucking know. Don't tell me to move on, don't even try to help. Cause you know what? You are the last... THE LAST person I'd like to hear that from... so for fuck's sake just fuck off, cause you're not helping. And stop fucking butting in, you're making things worse. This is not the first time you made things worse, get a clue dude!!


    Pissed off and irritated me -.-

  5. #926142015-10-14 12:57:23Rinneko said:

    Dear Project Work,

    Fuck you! You are such a fucking burden.

    Why the fuck are you a compulsory subject? Ah, right, because you're supposed to teach us how to work with others in the real world. :") That's certainly working out all bright and sunny. With the way my grades are looking right now (i.e. fucked up), I'm absolutely confident in my and my group mates' abilities to fucking survive when we start working!

    I'm not even angry because of an uncooperative group mate anymore. The expected quality of our project is too fucking high for me, and there's no way my group will ever make the fucking cut this year. I swear, I'm not graduating with a bloody C or D or even failure in Project Work.

    We have put too much fucking blood, sweat and tears into you, Project fucking Work, and we are going to get our shitty A whether you like it or not. Just accept our shit already! :)))

    Sincerely, I'm counting down the days to our final submission.

  6. #927162015-10-17 15:43:24 *Lieutenant said:

    Dear classmates

    I hope I am able to channel my energy enough for everyone to survive. I don't know what do you guys see me as, but I hope it's a good thing. The girls are picking up and the guys are doing much more quality work now after the 3rd semester (which is like the first time I 'accidentally bumped' into this class because I got lost, hey can't blame me, it was my first time here). I hope it's because you guys are getting enough motivation from my performance since then. I am not at all perfect though, if you want me as an example, then I'll be your example even though you guys are older than me, I obviously will take the first lead in any presentations and submit my work on the top so I can shelter the flaws you guys are so afraid to show to the lecturers.

    You guys should be happy that you are learning in this place instead of how I was back then at that certain place. The lecturers are very supportive and encourages you to do good work instead of getting angry at you for eventual mistakes, which is very surprising for me, it was like some sort of a culture shock when I first entered here. The lecturers are too nice, no kidding and it has made me feel more courageous to approach them without any fear embedded in my heart. It made me feel comfortable that I can just do it even with mistakes, I fail, I pick up and do it all over again because that is how one should learn, from their own mistakes and that is how you succeed.

    You know you guys can do it, what is there to be scared of? The only obstacle there is is yourself. There is nothing to be shy about of your own flaws, because it'll be much more harsh in the real working environment, given that we're going on our industrial training for three months, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    For those who are in the same group as me, I hope you are listening to me. You asked me to lead all the groups and so I am, I will appreciate your cooperation very much, and so far you are doing great. I hope this keeps up, because we're already halfway towards the semester, just a little bit more, you don't have to worry as long as you're with me, but I obviously won't be doing the work alone. I already assigned who will do what and so on. I won't comment further though because we haven't achieve anything yet.

    To the jockey, you're a jerk and such a joker in class, I'm glad you are working as big as your physical, keep that spirit up in class because we need more of those. I get it that you're good in making coffee art. You are loud but that is your trademark. I hated you a bit today for singing the whip song but yeah.

    To the oldest, I hope you find this course interesting as your 2nd degree. Your new haircut is nice by the way, one of these days you seemed stressed out but I hope you're still keeping the cool because you're a very spontaneous person. Sorry for jumping over your cloth today, I was trapped and had nowhere to step on (and a bit rushing).

    To bear, thanks for helping me a lot in inquiring information and car stuffs. I asked you a lot of things and we talked a lot through phone but for some reason not at all in class, even if we do, we're still talking through phone, why even.

    To the blur one, you're really blur and has a lot to catch up. Good thing is that you're not stressing over things and it's good to ask rather than getting lost, though sometimes I'm a bit annoyed because I explained things really clear and you still don't get me. I hope you're more independent after this.

    To soft voice, I had a feeling that you're trying to initiate all this healthy competition on me with the rest of your friends. I hope you are not hating me, I know we all want to succeed. You even approached me twice to ask me to be in the same group with you. I appreciate it but I will appreciate it more if you don't make it too obvious.

    To the tiny one, you're tiny and cute little you. I do really hope you're catching up to all this, you may be soft and shy and weak, but you have the potential and I hope you get my hint that I always want to help you (you did good in the last presentation though, look, our group was the best even!) and I'll always be here if you need help.

    To the certain senior, I hope you won't be repeating anything or extending anything due to your health. I want you to move forward and to always see you in class. I hope your foot will get well soon. Also, your medicine still taste like candy. Give me some again later.

    To this person who is sitting beside me right now while doing this Inktober thing, you draw everyday and I envy you, how did you do that even? Anyways, I hope that I can maneuver you enough so that you get how my work flow is done, because I dislike procrastinating and I want to do work together with you and finish it together. Like duh we're like (most of the time) 24/7 together now. I drive us everywhere and shit, would be convenient to get the work over all the way to the side. You get me, yeah? You're like the closest I found here that is like a mirror of myself for now (regarding on how we work and shit) and I don't want to lose that. Gotta have at least one person who I can refer to as a friend.

    For now, wake up, focus and stop hiding. In the mean time, here's a real challenge; outrank me in class because I will never let you, obviously. Do you want to succeed? Let's do it together. Bring it on, fuckers.

  7. #927172015-10-17 16:22:50Mitsumami said:

    To the girl who rudely told me she wasn't the holding the door for me,

    Guess what bitch, you just did. I hope you choke on something sharp and die.。◕‿◕。


  8. #927372015-10-18 18:54:57 *Zyxx23 said:

    Dear normal sleep cycle,

    It has been ages since we last interacted with each other. Why is it so hard to keep you? Is it due to my abnormal lifestyle? Or is it because you hate me so much? Please do come back, I miss you ever so much :(



  9. #927382015-10-18 19:06:37 *ImmaculateSable said:

    MOD EDIT FOR CONTENT To the man who did an unspeakable act to my little sister and is still out in the world:

    I WILL find you and I WILL FUCKING ___ you. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid.

  10. #932542015-10-31 18:18:37 *Mitsumami said:

    To the people around me in my yoga class,

    Thank you for not acknowledging my accidental fart. Literally thank you so much. I bless each and everyone of you. <3 from Mitsu

  11. #932592015-10-31 21:40:15effect said:

    for the girls on CL chat, i dont know you, and you surerly dont know me, but i will tell you one thing , that i will find you , chase you if it's neceserly and i will TELL YOU HOW BEAUTIFUL, COOL , NICE , LOVELY AND SWEET YOU REALLY ARE or i will die tryin' .

  12. #934632015-11-05 13:26:49Candytenshi said:

    Dear so many people,

    I know it's easy to think of me as someone stupid and shallow because of my image and how I present myself but you don't know me and I'm not about to let you know everything there is to know about me just to prove myself to you. So go on. Judge me as much as you want.

  13. #937522015-11-10 11:44:23Zyxx23 said:

    Dear X,

    You text me just cause you need something from me and cause you are desperate? Just... wow... I actually thought for a second that you were wondering how I was or shit like that.


    Dear me,

    Wtf are you doing being nice to her? Good job, good fucking job -.-