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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #988112016-02-06 14:30:45Enami said:

    -To ____,

    So you don't remember? when do you ever remember? you only do when it's convenient for you, i'm not really "nice" nor do i wish to be that because i don't think i'm genuinely nice, so acting like i am is not something i wanna do, that's different from being polite and respectful though, but still i forgive you every time, that's how i am and even though i dislike that, i'm obliged to in this situation so it's more for myself than it is for you of course, and since you're this kind of person don't expect me to be as honest with you either.

    -To ____,

    You completely lost my trust a long time ago, don't dare act as if you can keep your words, you seem to be misunderstanding this whole situation thinking you can fix this but no because i gave up years ago and i don't need you to bother me with your delusional and simply ignorant way of thinking, but you still can help though, you wanna know how? ..just shut up and give me space, that will help :)

  2. #988192016-02-06 21:57:40Kemiu said:

    To my mind (stated who it to since I am sure my mind won't reply to this...) I hate you so much, you put me into shit situations. Worst is you cannot cope with the world. Is there something good you can do? The answer is obviously no. You bring me misery and mental problems. I cry, I scream because of you. I can't get rid of you, you are me... but our agreement wasn't for me to like you. You fucked up my life, my life doesn't make sense. You're not a good thing to be around... you are obsessed with fear, drowned in anxiety thoughts... drowned in voices. You can't even fight back, you cannot even live like a normal person. Normal people get scared of you, leave you, hate you, you appear to be nothing and if anything you are the devil of every situation. You can't even let people touch you in real life, remember that time when someone tried to touch you back in school and you screamed ''Don't touch me'' and everyone looked weird at you... stopped talking to you... just because you couldn't remain normal for that 1 hour and 45 minutes. I wish I didn't have to suffer with you but I don't have a choice.

  3. #989012016-02-08 13:44:06Enami said:


    You think i'm always irritated and in a bad mood well guess what? i'm not, only because you're the reason i can't be so "happy" around you, also how dumb can you get? of course i don't act this way with others too, i just hate you, i'm pretty amazed you haven't figured that out yet lol

  4. #989052016-02-08 14:00:44Koushiro said:

    To you,

    Dont worry, even if everyone forgets you, i will still be here and remember you. Everytime i am in my lowest self, i still remember you. I visit you everytime im not feeling well, and treasure all your letters and books that you have left. One day, i will be right where you are, and when that day comes, I want to see you smile again. Even though I am swimming on a sea of regret and sorrow and you're not there anymore to come and take my hand, dont worry, I will sink to the very bottom, and once I'm there, I will come and reach your hand and be together.

    I am almost there, wait for me...

  5. #994662016-02-19 21:17:49Blush said:

    To you :O

    Thanks for being cool and being my friend for a while, It was pretty fun playing games with you and talking to you almost every day. But since you've found other people to talk to you've become a douche. You tell me to "fuck off" when i try talk to you or ignore me now whenever i try to contact you. But i hope for the best for you. It was fun while it lasted.

    Ps. I hope you get mauled by a bear.

  6. #994692016-02-19 22:21:54Koushiro said:


    I missed talking to you..these days are so slow whenever i am not talking to you... I really wish you were here, but part of me doesnt want you to. Dont worry I will come back very soon and stay. Listen to what i have to say when i come back.

    -your "friend"

    Ps. Eat lots of pizza and burn your school down.

  7. #995122016-02-20 16:13:50armedzerox said:

    To --- I only tell what im doing to only certain people. Because i trust them and would like them to know what circumstances i am in. But if you think It's creepy, i will stop.

    Just thought it is interesting to share. Heheh

  8. #995412016-02-22 01:35:21 *DunnDolo said:

    To my mother,

    I never ever had the chance to apologize to you for believing dads lies when i was younger. The fact that he was in prison and i missed him made me believe all the lies he said about you. Once i found out that it was lies i was so devastated about how i treated you. I apologized but you told me "Dont worry about it." You probably didnt realize how horrible i felt about that and you probably never will since i never really ever have a moment to sit down and talk to you about it. I just wanted to say out loud that I am truly truly sorry that i ever believed my fathers lies about you and i love you dearly. I would do anything in the world to make it up to you and still feel like its not enough. I love you so much and i just wanted you to know that.

  9. #997122016-02-27 15:04:07 *Enami said:

    To a certain friend,

    Breaking someone's stuff as a joke is pretty ridiculous, I actually wouldn't care much if you do that to me, but thinking that it's alright to do that isn't okay, so: you break it, i break you ;D

  10. #998872016-03-02 13:34:11 *Enami said:

    To ___,

    I see, you're okay with it, then you're not because "people" said i don't care about you or give you the time of the day, feel free to assume as much as you want and you can also be stupid and listen to what people have to say instead of having your own opinion, getting mad at me for acting like a jerk is fine but if you're gonna get so sensitive about people thinking you're following me around and bullshitting me about it is not okay for me.

    I try to be considerate but you don't feel the need to hold back, which is pretty selfish, if you can't stand it you can always leave, you don't see me stopping you.

    I'm not even bothered now, thankfully i get over things quickly esp something as trivial as this, but if you over do it in the future i'll have to adjust my behaviour with you.

    Your "friend"

  11. #999242016-03-03 19:29:46Enami said:

    To ____,

    I'm just gonna stop responding to every stupid shit you say, no need to make myself even more tired, nice scenarios you've got there, except that they're so dumb it hurts my brain, i have no idea about what's going in your head nor do i even want to know, but please spare me your idiocy, just when i start kinda not caring about you as much and enjoying my peacefulness you have to mess with my temper again sighs deeply

  12. #1000312016-03-06 19:22:22 *Yugure said:


    Lately, I've been having nightmares about my horrible past. It made me think about:

    • How I was rude and aggressive for these past few days towards other people here.

    • How stupid, annoying, obnoxious, ignorant and inconsiderate of me to go over the line.

    • How I was only joking, yet you were insulted, and everyone blames me.

    • How my existence is just a burden.

    • How you guys have these wonderful friends, family, bfs/gfs, people around you, who you can talk to, whether seriously or just wanna have fun, when I have none.

    • How I have to be in the center so that I can be included, but most of the time, I'm excluded.

    • And how other people acknowledge you as you, and me as nobody.

    I'm too tired to say "This is who I am". I know I'm insensitive and not serious at all. So, when I say something serious, you just shrug it off AND make a joke about it...

    And there's my jealousy with you and the people whom you can talk to freely. I have no one to talk to, no one to rely to, and no one to spend time with. Everyone left me way before I left the country.

    Both of them hurt. A lot.

    I can't do this in reality. Behind my gleeful words are actually shards of pain and sorrow. The weather's always raining, and I can't be bothered to find a shelter. I don't even know what to do. I'm suffering emotionally. I'm insane. I'm lost. I'm alone. And I know I can't be saved, anymore.

    ...I'm sorry for being me. And for everything I've done.

    I don't want your pity though.

  13. #1006262016-03-20 18:03:16 *Noodle said:

    To the midnight girl;

    1人にしてごめんね。もっとあなたの事知りたかったけど、家に彼女が待ってたから帰らないとだめだった。浮気なんて興味がないが、特別な出会いは大好きだ。 あなた、無事に帰ったら良かった。


  14. #1006452016-03-21 11:20:16Enami said:

    To ___,

    I'm so mad at you even though I don't know you.. You're tired?? You're just an indecisive jerk without a personality that doesn't know what taking responsiblity means, you can't just throw it all out like that! What did you even do? Watch her suck it up while you were whining about what a hard time you're having all day? How dare you say you're having the hardest time here? you're ruining her life and then you act like a victim now? oh so it's her fault for standing up to herself? Why does she need to shut up? Do you plan on making her get shit her whole life while staying silent? Don't you need to be the one defending her instead? she doesn't deserve getting treated like that while you watch without a care.

    A person like you who can just abandon her like that and make her carry all these burdens while you go enjoy your life surely doesn't have an ounce of humanity in them, I hope you get to experience every unpleasant feeling she was made to feel because of you.

    Fuck you..