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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1111432017-06-17 18:52:09poke_dorks said:

    I'm sorry that I can only stand by and do nothing. I'm sorry that I can't express this to you directly. Nevertheless, I hope you understand how thankful I am for all you do and that I don't take it for granted. You mean the world to me, and I love you so much.

    Thanks for being in my life.

  2. #1124132017-11-21 05:07:11Dio said:

    Dear GF,

    Because of the lies you told me. I no longer can say that I honestly love you anymore. I hope you can find someone else to be with other than me, Because I am done with you.

  3. #1128622017-12-24 15:26:29Lieutenant said:

    As much as I hate you, I can't lie that I do indeed miss talking to you. Sometimes I wish we'd talk again but I also think that it's for the best that we don't anymore. I don't have anything against you, I personally wouldn't mind for us to be friends again, to be honest. I kept thinking of reconnecting, but all the things you did to me kept me back and the hatred just grew even bigger. Also please treat your significant other better because they deserve it. If not, you'd just disappoint me, even if we have nothing to do with each other anymore.


    I hope we talk more often. Suddenly I think that it was my fault that I rushed things and told you the truth straight away after we've become friends, though I only do that because I want to get it over with and I don't want it to drag too long that it'll have bad repercussion, because I know if I can stop it, I'll do it. I was probably being selfish but I cared at the same time too for your feelings to let you know that the silence meant that it's not reciprocated. Better than it being too late, better the harsh truth.


    You do not know my existence but I want you to know that I hate you from the bottom of my heart. Fine, you were probably the victim since I do not know the story from your side (even though I do have a vague idea), but knowing the story from him was enough to make me feel furious that I wish someone would throw a crowbar at your head. Not gonna lie but I was hoping of approaching you and befriending you to know the story but I feel like it's best not to reopen an old wound, as much as I'm curious about it.


    Why did you have to go away on Christmas Eve? Well, be safe there and I'll see you again in 5-6 days from now. Was thinking if I should wrap your presents nicely in a box or just give it to you in them plastic or something but it doesn't really matter now, does it? But yeah, be safe in the jungle and try not to die. Seriously, when was the last time you went to a bootcamp? Merry Christmas to you, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday.

  4. #1128732017-12-25 21:55:33DarkChaplain said:

    Well, so much for that. Not even the spine, or care, to send a simple Christmas text.
    I'm done trying to keep up with your shit. You shouldn't call me "your best friend" when you're this incapable of staying in touch, or paying attention to things people tell you. I know you're not the smartest kid in school, but I expected better nonetheless.

    It's probably for the best you didn't text me for Christmas. I might've just texted back sarcastically to show my surprise you remembered at all. But now that you didn't, it sure is going to come back to bite you in the ass when you inevitably crawl back to vent about your retarded lover again. I've had it with being supportive for nothing. I don't expect much, but you're not even giving common decency, and it isn't the first time you've regressed back to that.

    Hey. You. You surprised me recently by getting in touch again after.. how many years? Too many to recall. It's a pleasant surprise, however, and I've just come to notice again how fun you are. I think we click decently well, all things considered. But then, I guess it comes with being kinda broken, eh? Makes it easy to relate. Hopefully 2018 will be better for the both of us, so we can trade happier stories instead. Would make for a nice change of pace, wouldn't it?

    Hopefully you can recharge your batteries with the lady and her family over the holidays. Lord knows, you've had it tough this year too. I always figured I'd be ahead of you in that particular business, but look at that. A blessing and a curse, innit? I know you take good care of the Padawan, but don't let yourself get too frayed by all of it. Here's to the new lady being able to provide happiness and stability.
    ...and when I'm done moving back in, you'd damn better show up to have burgers and play Shadespire together.

    MeriKuri, you fool.
    Hopefully you've learned a thing or three this year. Let's see about whether you'll die like Gaius Julius or turn the Ides against themselves and rise again. We will watch your career with great interest. 2018 is where the fun begins. Hopefully.

  5. #1128802017-12-26 07:58:54Deftones said:

    To my cheese toasty,

    My time with you was short, but tasty. You make me fat, but I'll always love you. My life will never be the same. I know you'll always be with me now, in my heart, slowly slowly killing me.

    Forever yours, Lover of the cheese toasty.

  6. #1128862017-12-26 21:58:09squareof3 said:

    Hello, I know you think that you have no business being here, that you dont deserve these good things that are happening, but thats not true. You have worked hard for this, you have continued to work hard for this. You might need to kick it up a notch, but you can do it. You can do it. Dont stress about it.

    Sincerely, Square

  7. #1128872017-12-26 21:58:12squareof3 said:

    Hello, I know you think that you have no business being here, that you dont deserve these good things that are happening, but thats not true. You have worked hard for this, you have continued to work hard for this. You might need to kick it up a notch, but you can do it. You can do it. Dont stress about it.

    Sincerely, Square

  8. #1129082017-12-28 00:33:06Sweg_cat said:

    To My “Friends”

    Stop treating me like a child. I noticed during the gift giving you gave everyone something great and meaningful while you give me this Childish plastic Cup? It’s like you didn’t even try at all. But It’s not just about the gift though, but it’s to all the others times when you pretended to care about me and then just push me out like I don’t even exist anymore. Or when you acted all nice and caring just to have me live with you guys and also to reason that because I’m too “innocent”? I honestly don’t get it. I’m sick of your guys bs.

  9. #1129092017-12-28 00:46:27Sweg_cat said:

    To the guy I liked,

    Well, even after your graduation, I still like you. And I hate myself for still liking you. Even when you left me without saying goodbye. Even when I thought I’d moved on, you some how came outta nowhere and act all sweet, friendly and flirty. I liked you partly because you reminded me of and old friend and how you’re just stupidly funny. I hate you so much for being and asshole, for leaving me and for playing with my heart. But I still don’t get why a part of me still likes you. Maybe it’s because I’m still in denial about your feelings towards me. I don’t know anymore. But I hope after typing this letter, I won’t be thinking about you anymore.

                        Sincerely, your “Friend”
  10. #1131282018-01-22 06:15:22shafnat said:

    To you,

    A thread Admin Jack made about how if this site disappear really hit me much, telling me that nothing lasts forever. Including my life. So while i'm still alive, i deeply want to apologize to anyone who is reading this. I'm sorry for every mistake i did, intended or not, and i hope you forgive me.

  11. #1131962018-01-26 09:13:47 *miako said:

    paulho tell us about how are people when they enter your life "if someone isn't what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own." that s why i act like i don't want to be close to you! because i may not be able to stand it!

  12. #1137732018-04-21 01:38:12Dane said:

    To you/myself,

    Anyways, I hope you don’t hate me when you find this. I shouldn’t be writing it but I just wanted to vent somewhere.

    My thoughts are just ??? as always. They’re gonna be for a long time. I’ve relied on you for so long to keep myself going and wanting to work towards things. There were times where I thought fuck, it’s time to start doing this for myself, but I didn’t like it as much cause I don’t like myself.

    I know we talked about it, but Jesus fuck. Everything got flipped around so quick. Day 1 it was back to kissy lovey stuff and it was very nice. We were genuinely happy to talk to each other. Day 18-19 ? And we’re breaking up again. I realize why we did this time and why it’s good that we’re breaking up for good. I just listened to the vocaroo finally and it made me feel a certain way. It’s been slightly crushing my heart. Not as bad as it’s been before, but just knowing it’s over is it’s own kind of sad. I get why everything happened this way and it sucks. We dragged this along for 3 years, holy shit. I won’t say I regret it, but there’s a big, edgy tear in my heart cause of it. No doubt.

    I shouldn’t have done what I did, but rofl I got rid of someone who actually liked me LOL though honestly making it work with that person would have been worse. Still, I shoved them aside and that was SO fucked up. Feels bad, but I’ve had a shitty 2 weeks in return so it’s okay. Karma.

    I had really great times and my heart felt really good. I wanna find someone when I get my shit together who will give me as much joy as you did. Maybe even more eyes emoji eyes emoji who mf knows. Anyways, I know you like someone else and I’m happy for you. I hope it goes well with you, cause I’ve always known that our personalities didn’t match. I was too much of a bitch, and I felt like I’d had such bad history that you’d never look at me with respect. It’s okay though.

    Things are looking up for me now, for once. Didn’t think I’d bounce back after you left, but I’m cool now. I wanna get back to 170 and do really well at my new job. I’m so excited to start.

    P L A S M A B O Y S

    Okay, well I guess this is it. I hope you don’t see this for a while cause it’s only been like 2 days I think. Idk I can’t keep track of time. Don’t hate me too much.

    Love you.


  13. #1140862018-05-31 14:37:40DarkChaplain said:

    All these years later, you're still a stupid cunt. I knew you were dumb, but with every year, it seems to get worse with you.

    At least some years back, you still had something resembling hobbies of your own which weren't focused on making sure your lover, pardon, "fiance", manages to live his life. Fuck, he's a year older than me, still lives at his mom's place, fucked up his second attempt at studying at university out of his own idiocy and got barred from trying again in the future, and he can't even fucking get himself some medicine from the pharmacy without you driving over there and doing it for him? Wanna wipe his ass too, huh? He's never going to put a baby in your oven, you realize that by now, right? He's been holding you off for years on everything. His supposed studies meant he wouldn't work towards moving in together, no offspring, no marriage, not even standing up for you in front of his dear mommy or retarded family.

    You're gonna work yourself to the bone for nothing, not even a thank you. Nah, while you're working on making Christmas presents for him, he's off with his buddies making plans for a weekend and leaving on a Friday you have to work, going to a fucking strip club with them despite your disapproval, and partying while you're at home having to vent to me on the phone because you have literally no other friends of your own.

    You're dumb as bricks. I don't know why I'm even still bothering talking to you on occasion or picking up the phone. Nostalgia maybe? Morbid curiosity about how you got screwed over by work and family again this time? Fucking hell, I should just block your number and delete you off my contacts. You don't even have any creativity to your mind, no abstract thinking skills or even desire. Nothing. You're boring as sin, stupid and won't be getting married or move out before the 20s anyway. Fuck, you could've moved into your own place years ago but despite getting fucking pay raises, you have expectations that pierce the heavens because hurr maybe in a few years you'd want to move into a larger place anyway for a kid and partner. Fuck, you'd be lucky to get pregnant in the first place at this rate. Your ovaries will have died of old age by the time he's ready to commit himself, and even that proposal over the holidays was just pro forma because he couldn't wiggle out of it anymore without looking like even more of an ass. He made a promise he doesn't intend to keep there, at least not in the near future.

    And it isn't like it's the first time you're being led on like this. Heck, almost TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO I had to knock you on your head just so you realized that you were being fucked with by dipshits, cheated on pretty much and treated like garbage. But oh no, that abusive relationship shit is soooo romantic, right? Twilight and 50 Shades really were harmful to your mental development. Fucking hell, you're stupid.

    Have fun waiting. Don't call me. Piss off.

  14. #1141242018-06-08 10:41:05Shiya said:

    Dear ***,

    You will never read this and I know that, but I will miss you. You left me at the worst time possible over something really stupid. No matter what anyone says there's no way you can "just know" we won't work if you didn't even try or put the effort into it. You have a problem giving up when things get hard, just like the trying to get an internship in the United States and trying to get an internship in Germany. You say the distance doesn't matter and you're wrong about that in my opinion.

    I purposely pushed you away at the end, I'm not going to lie I meant half of what I said. At the time pushing you away was easier for me because you're right I do still want you by my side and yes I would have done anything to make that happen because that's what love is. In the end I guess it didn't really affect you, you instantly changed and deleted every sign of us. If you don't get why that hurts you honestly don't deserve to be in any sort of committed relationship.

    Lastly if you somehow want to be in a relationship you need to talk to your partner more. You have an annoying habit of not telling your partner when something is wrong, so it gets worse. You also need to stop making promises since you break all of them... I hope you really find some sort of happiness someday, but if your idea of giving someone a chance is 2 weeks the odds are against you.

    From someone who cares, Shiya