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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1141992018-06-19 17:02:40shafnat said:

    Hey myself,

    Will you ever get better at anything in your life? Can you still improve your quality in anything? You're still not satisfied with everything you have now, have you? I hope not.

    From your friend that has accompanied you for a year, Your Own Stagnant Feeling.

  2. #1157792019-02-14 05:06:39 *Kittycat said:

    To everyone,
    ❤️ Happy Valentines Day!! ❤️
    PS: To anyone who feels sad and lonely today: You are loved, and just because you haven't figured it out yet, doesn't make it any less true :)

  3. #1162822019-04-13 21:03:24Grinners said:


    When you find you're struggling because you're worried about what other people think of you due to peoples lies, remember, you can't control what other people say or think. You can control how you act. Those who matter will ask you and stay. Those that don't can get lost.

    tl;dr, liars don't matter, be your true self.

  4. #1165072019-07-08 13:11:46Sheep said:

    I hope "nothing's wrong" is enough to calm your guilt. We all don't want to deal with emotional shit, I know. Give me space.

    Thanks, friend.

  5. #1165982019-08-13 19:28:44shafnat said:

    To the Temporary Bliss. or the Ordinary Alien. Or..well, Y.

    If you found this, you might have stalked me by looking my name on google. And if not, let this be an unsent message, that will dwell inside the internet along with this website.

    I know, that last time you said a real thing to me was "Don't talk to me ever, again.". Pretty strong words that you said from inside your anger as a reply to the words i also uttered as i was also full of anger at the time. Biggest Regret.

    But now, it seems both of us, as we kept seeing. at least for a month of no communication at all, we both knew. You were a best companion of my days, and i was too for you. Bit by bit, day by day, we keep creating and opening more and bigger opportunities for us to start a conversation again.Starting unblocking on platform by platform. Starting to re-use a place we barely use anymore to gain attention from each others.

    At least, for me, that's how i see that.

    I want to know how everything goes there. How about the job you were preparing for the interview the last time we talked. How was your mother's surgery. How was school. How was everything. We used to talk about everything from dusk to dawn.

    I also wanted to tell you about my graduation ceremony. About the prom night. About how i was preparing for my flight to visit you. I wanted to tell you more things when it was your birthday. Yet i couldn't. I don't want to disappoint you. You've expected me to leave and get away, not to become a bother that keeps bugging your life.

    Your words were,"Don't talk to me ever, again.". Meaning i couldn't, but you still could; It's words you spitted in your angered state, i understand. And you need not to feel like you'll lose to a commitment you've made for yourself if you do start to contact me again. No, it is not. Believe me. You're an awesome person in my eyes. You did all of those for your future. If you felt your self worth was lowered when i was always with you, if you felt like it wasn't yourself when you're with me, when you're always handling you problems alone all the time but then i appeared to always support your back, trust me. You're amazing. You're tough and strong. A person i admire. And i know that you're a person that will stay true to yourself. If i was correct that you wanted to contact me again, i'm always here. You won't lose anything other than your ego if you do.

    Don't worry about me. As you've ever said to me, i will be a good man. And i'm on my way. Chasing my own dreams. Would be complete if you're back to be the part of it. As i wanted myself to be the part of your dream as well.


  6. #1171572019-10-11 13:42:39MacV said:

    To you,

    We may not talk as much anymore but, I hope you are doing well. I may not see you every day or text you every day, but you are always in my prayers. You may forget about me one day, but in my heart, you will always have a place. In the end, wherever you head in life, I hope you are happy.

    Take care always and remember that you are loved even if you think otherwise.

    With love '*'

  7. #1171962019-10-18 19:15:23squareof3 said:

    I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple years. Thinking about who I am, the choices I've made, and the life I've led. I cant say that I am happy with all of it, I cant say that I have led a life where I haven't hurt people along the way, but I have come to realize over the years that thats just the name of the game. None of us can go through life and not catch a couple bodies along the way. Some of us intentionally, mostly out of the ignorance of youth. I guess all I really want to say, is forgive yourself for your mistakes, and please learn from them. Don't let your guilt over hurting someone rule over you, even if there is nothing you can do to mend that relationship, wish them happiness and make some for yourself as well.

  8. #1190642019-12-21 19:18:57 *MacV said:

    To myself,

    Hey, I know life is tough, but enjoy every moment. Be true to yourself and stop running away. Learn to think about yourself for once and speak up if it hurts. Don't become a people pleaser cuz they won't be satisfied. Whatever happens, know that you are going to be okay. Stop overthinking na and have faith. Also, start having some alone time to do the things you love and keep growing. Learn as much as you can, and PLEASE read more to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and general knowledge. You'll need it for Australia lol xD

    With Love, Your older self who is a little wiser now :)

  9. #1190942019-12-25 18:23:54Taro_Tanako said:

    Like a crazy ass drunk (I can play this role if required..and am right now) I would say..

    Don't take shit from people. Life is way too short and undepredictable to put up with assholes so cut those bastards from your beautiful life and just get on with your own mess without complications from any third party.

    Also, everything dies so be positive and just laugh at the worst shit..it always gets better..