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  1. #12502011-12-27 23:41:58 *KAGAMI said:

    To someone who destroyed my Christmas,

    I hate you. You annoy me so much these days. I know I'm supposed to love you, but how can I when you take everything we give for granted, and give us nothing in return except for misery. And do you know that it's because of you people think I'm gay? I'm fine with people questioning me about my sexuality, but it annoys me when they start to avoid me like the plague just because something you said. For the record, I'm aesexual, and it really makes me want to hit you when you say things like "Oh, you're doing something that's not normal" or "No one else would say things like that that". Do I look like I freaking care what your snotty friends say? Next time, I suggest you not get influenced by the "friends" around you, 'cause I'm starting to think they're a bad influence on you(if bitching about you hair not being beautiful for two days is not bad, I don't know what it.).

    Not happy at all, Kagami-kun