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  1. #12652011-12-27 23:59:08Dec said:

    To the faggot that turned someone I care a lot about into a complete bitch.

    I fucking hate you, you and your stupid up your own ass attitude. You ruined a good friendship all because you are a fucking paedophile that can't get a girl down where you fucking live because you look like you are 14 years old and you probably are a little rapist. You belittled one of my closest friends and twisted shit up. You are a life wrecker and a liar. You think you are so fucking clever though you aren't, you think that people haven't noticed the facade you've pulled while talking to us all. You have only fooled one person. Also, in fact you changed them completely to be like you. You make me sick. I would love to kill you, or at least kick the shit out of you. You are apparently fuck so many girls, though you have to take my friend? You are a complete bullshitter.