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  1. How did The Colorless change you!

    #1292011-12-25 10:32:35 *archangel said:

    Well as we all know colorless has changed us in so many ways. Like what the title said share with us how were you before and after colorless

    before colorless: I was not a trap I didn't know about terms like shota,loli etc. I did not appreciate rape I was a very slow typer I did not know what a "meme" was I didn't how to chat over the internet I was shy talking on the internet after colorless: I'm now a trap for the new members I am now also a shota according a few, possibly more members I can type averagely, or a normal type of fast (not asian speed) I am constantly on memebase I can now open myself to topics like rape and being called a fag over the internet I now know what trolling means

  2. #1432011-12-25 10:52:55DSP said:

    I now type lol

    I used to have ethics and type like a normal person.

    Now I'm writing shit like this (/^▽^)/

  3. #1462011-12-25 10:57:01 *someone said:

    Before CL: well, not really much I haven't seen before

    After CL: My typing standards have gone down DRASTICALLY.

  4. #1502011-12-25 11:08:40SlantDuffy said:

    Before CL: I had a cat.

    After CL: I have a cat and two rats who like bananas.

    I blame CL for my rats' horrifying addiction to said bananas.

  5. #2922011-12-25 16:40:23TalTal said:

    Before: Old/New/Midfag was offensive. What's Homestuck? "Lolol, searchbar what?" After: Midfag and proud. HomestuckHomestuckHomestuck "Use the Goddamn Searchbar"

  6. #3052011-12-25 17:17:01Maryam said:

    Before CL: I had a cancerous tumor

    After CL: I'm getting knives in the mail <3

    I blame CL for Making this posts' before and after not have any relation to one another.I also blame CL for making my previous sentence make no sense. Or does it? I blame CL for my doubt also.

  7. #4032011-12-25 23:44:30Momimochi said:

    Before No life Rarely goes on the internet for anything but anime/manga/homework Rarely talks to people over the internet Normal sleeping schedule Good grades Never procrastinated Apparently a nerd I was never called a "rapist" I had virgin eyes And ears.

    After Still a no life. My screwed up sleeping schedule My screwed up eating schedule Hell, my life schedule Procrastinate on every freaking single homework My grades got better Got my eyes and ears virginity stolen. I got my virtual virginity stolen (Back in the rape days on chat) I got called a "rapist" I spend half the damned day on the internet I am no longer a nerd But my anime/manga addiction became worse.

    ....... I wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

  8. #4282011-12-26 00:41:56Kyuuun said:

    Before: Never did homework. Failed classes. Slept like a normal person. I hated everyone. I read 'normal' manga. I thought online friends were stupid.

    After: Still don't do homework. Still failing. I don't know what sleep is. I figured people online are better than IRL people. I learned about futa's, shotas, lolis and terrible things. I also learned about my love for Toast.

  9. #4402011-12-26 01:23:44animeftw said:

    Before CL: spended alot of time on the computer slow typer did'nt know what Loli meant always looked at therads and forums and ever posted

    After Cl: spend alot more time on the computer learned to type a shit load faster know what lolis are :3 i started to post on therads(colorless was the 1st site where i acaully posted anything and soon started to go to other forums and post as well^^)

  10. #4512011-12-26 01:37:11AkiraSaki said:

    Before CL: Normal (ish) Slept normal times Didn't know anything about lolis, shotas, etc. Didn't spend much time on the computer Kinda nice. Didn't swear

    After CL: I'm not even sure anymore Nickname: Lolisaki. Spends every waking minute on the computer ...I'm not that nice anymore. I swear so much it hurts.

  11. #4722011-12-26 02:33:33shafnat said:

    Before: My manga was SUCKS I've never watched anime i don't know anything about abroad lifestyle my english SUCKS(grammar and capitalization) i can't leave facebook for temporary

    After: my manga still SUCKS,but improving i know much anime films my english improving a lot.. but still sucks too.. i had a lot of friends i had a trick in order to not having any GF i can leave facebook forever.. :)

  12. #4772011-12-26 02:50:11InvisibleRainbow said:

    I'm just going to say my after.. - I learned a lot about myself and how to handle situations/ drama - It got me out of my shell a good bit because I actually made videos for CL with the neighbor game :] -It helped me realize that there are other people out in the world then the sucky people that are around me.. There are people who actually share my interests and are more like me -It helped me improve my SSBB skillz <3 - It helped me vent and get out my obsessions about anime and video games, stuff people around me dont really talk about -I became more of an insomniac to talk to people that I met on here who lived around the world xD - I became a neko maid x]

  13. #5242011-12-26 06:17:48PureBoredom said:

    I've made a lot of friends whom I enjoy more so than my rl friends since it feels we have more in common I guess(or maybe its because I am quiet)?

    I've also learned a great deal of internet terms and whatnot. So its all been rather beneficial in a way :o... Though. ITS CONSUMED ME. ITS CONSUMED ME EVEN THOUGH ITS- /shot

  14. #5292011-12-26 06:33:33Kiboune said:

    I began to sleep less I started to like MLP and Homestuck I realized that all experience the world differently I realized that some things should never say I have become more emancipated I accidentally became a very evil man I began to troll people and even made ​​an album for screenshots... Once a girl has left the chat because of my trolling I realized that I was a selfish idiot I began to think more about the feelings of others...

  15. #5552011-12-26 10:32:48zatsunen said:
    Before CL:
    I didn't spend all my time on skype.
    I didn't have a life.
    I didn't like Durarara much.
    I spent all my time playing facebook games.
    I went out more.
    I was offended when people get my gender wrong.

    After CL:
    I spend all my time on skype.
    I still don't have a life.
    What's Durarara?
    I don't play any facebook games.
    I don't go out much.
    My marks have taken a nosedive.
    I enjoy baffling people with my gender.