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How did The Colorless change you!

  1. #843432014-11-07 02:58:57Frey said:

    Before CL:
    That loner guy who is very awkward.
    No presence at all in groups, basically because he didn't care and was just playing with whatever he found in his bag. Easily spooked with criticisms.

    After CL:
    Not much of a loner anymore. Still very awkward.
    Gained some amount of presence (people started to talk to me yay(?)) probably because he got the ಠ_ಠ eyes (I definitely got this from CL).
    Gained some spook tolerance.

  2. #909872015-08-03 16:35:41ccc said:

    Before: i would stay up half the night and chat on one other forum

    After: i would stay up all night camming up in the old TC,and i mead some good friends on here but pretty much the rest was the same

  3. #1068512016-09-10 15:39:47shafnat said:

    I would say, CL has really changed my life.

    i'm so sorry i left for 4? 3 years? i am so ungrateful eventhough it didnt change anything to cl but cl change everything to me. i remember the first time i got here asking for critics at my manga, that time my drawing is still like oh fuck i dont wanna see it anymore. but everybody keeps helping me improve, growing passion in my own self to keep drawing until now ive become an architecture student. It was all mostly because friends in cl where do i stand right now. i really wanna thank all cl friends who has been with me that time.

  4. #1099932017-04-10 15:56:51 *ccc said:

    Befor CL :I was called a fag by a few friends I hung out with

    After CL :No one has called me a fag, nor do I have friends