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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    #136072012-02-20 02:01:28momo said:

    Post your unpopular/offbeat opinions here, and keep the flaming to a minimum. This thread isn't about showing how cool you are for going against the grain, but to explain alternative sides to what may be considered general opinion.

  2. #136122012-02-20 03:28:34 *TalTal said:

    I really hate Adelle and Taylor Swift. I actually really hate a lot of stuff, but I'm sure a lot of you can relate.

  3. #136132012-02-20 03:32:20 *Fieyr said:

    Oh I like this thread. I've discussed this in the past with users but hey let's do it again!

    Flag burning. I believe flag burning, regardless of whether it is done to retire the flag, or in protest of the government, should be completely and perfectly legal. In other words, you should be able to burn your own country's flag without fear of reprisal from your government.

    Am I advocating a flag burning bonanza? Of course not... however, think of it this way.

    Boy scouts retire flags by burning them. It's considered the most respectful way to retire the flag. However, what if one boy scout is a closet anarchist... and he's burning the flag because he hates his country and its government? In other words, if a country arrests its citizens for burning the country flag in protest, and yet still allows the retiring of flags via burning... then the government is arresting people for their thoughts... which I believe is far more dangerous than someone burning a flag in protest.

    I think it's important for any intelligent society to be able to recognize that yes, while a flag is a symbolic representation of your country, its values, etc... that in the end, it's just a piece of fabric that's been colored to look a certain way.

    In other words, if you were to take a piece of fabric... and then dye it to look like a flag... then in a country where its illegal... you've suddenly created something with your own two hands that is illegal to destroy for any reason other than retiring it. Even though you paid for the fabric, the dyes, etc.

    To me it's a similar issue as the separation of church and state. In order to not have a country overrun by theological nut jobs who interpret their religion in order to manipulate the people... we keep the 2 separate.

    I don't want a country that oppresses its citizen via the interpretation/misinterpretation of its chosen religion.

    I don't want a country that places the act of burning a piece of fabric above the freedom of the person burning it.

  4. #438772012-12-02 21:20:53Gargron said:

    @Trev Jesus Christ, I don't even remember saying that anymore, way to wake the dead. I think my original comment is dodgy because you have to define patriotism first (as well as nationalism, if we'd go towards your discussion).

    Man, though, this forum is an archive of one's intellectual development...

  5. #136212012-02-20 03:54:34Momimochi said:

    I hate Clannad, Air, and Kanon. Never got why it was popular, never got why people even liked/sympathized with it. It's completely over-rated and all I remembered about it were the non-existant tears that slid down my cheeks every episode after realising how much time I've spent on it.

    This was back when I was a stubborn fool who was determined to never drop a series.

  6. #136622012-02-20 06:00:09Sammi said:

    ...I hate Skyrim. I never understood why people enjoy it. I swear, on most of the websites I go on, there is something about Skyrim. It irratates me!

  7. #136842012-02-20 08:58:19sammycrusinix said:

    -Adele sucks, her songs make me wanna kill myself.

    -Nabari no ou was a pathetic excuse for an anime, it was completely boring and even though they 'tried' to make it emotional it completely lacked it.

    -Being a vegetarian doesn't mean you have anything against meat or are all for the animals, it just means you don't eat meat.

    -Hipsters are not cool because they go against the trends, they just let other people decide what they should like and what they shouldn't.

    -Just because you're gay doesn't mean everyone else is homophobic or is judging you. More often then not, people don't care.

    There is probably more but this is all i can come up with.

  8. #136902012-02-20 09:47:36TheGD1212 said:

    Dudes that like "chick-flicks" aren't gay, I personally enjoy them a lot and I am certain that I enjoy vagina...

    I also don't get why so many people praise One Piece, I find that show to be very annoying and just, can't stand it.

    @animeftw I feel the same way, except I did buy mw3 to play with my friends :/

  9. #137332012-02-20 18:09:11Gargron said:
    • Death is natural, there is no afterlife in the way any "holy" book tells us (I try to imagine that there is still some way to maintain consciousness after death, though)
    • There is no god in the way people depict him (If anything, the Universe itself is "god" as it is omnipresent and omniscient and omnipotent)
    • Religion (or its canonical misinterpretation) is the reason for almost all the wars and conflicts and cruelties
    • I support Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and all other conflicts. It's a democratic and scientifically advanced, small, brave country. I don't support orthodox ultra-anything anyone, be it Jews or Muslims, but Palestinian Muslims are more aggressive and less educated. An influx of those into a country like Israel would mean the end of all democratic and scientific values there. (There are more Palestinians than there are Jews)
  10. #137392012-02-20 18:29:36 *TalTal said:

    -Bohemian Rhapsody is HUGELY overrated. -Paranormal Activity sucked and was disapointing in the scare department (read as: not scary at all; suck it up you pussies) -Oot wasn't the best Zelda Game. -do not even get my started on Angry Birds -Sebastian isn't good looking.

  11. #137402012-02-20 18:32:39Momimochi said:

    LOLOL PARANORMAL ACTIVITY WAS LIKE A COMEDY FOR ME. Actually, that's me and Horror/Gore/Torture/Scary movies in general.

  12. #137562012-02-20 20:11:31hais said:

    I hate that everyone compares The Hunger Games to Battle Royale. I love both of these novels but just because they're quite similar doesn't mean Collins copied Battle Royale cos it got published and "popular" first. They've both may be similar but the storyline are so different from another. Just because BR came out first, doesn't mean it's original.

  13. #137632012-02-20 20:53:52TheGD1212 said:

    @animeftw Zombies started to get boring too D:

    • I didn't like either Bioshock game, found them boring and not scary/creepy at all.
    • Fallout 3 and New Vegas were bad, not revolutionary in any way. There are motorcycle and car parts everywhere and I can macgyver almost anything except a damn vehicle, WHY THE FUCK CANT I DRIVE!?
    • Jet Li's movies are bad-ass.
    • I agree with a lot of the stuff said in this thread.