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Unpopular Opinions

  1. #1090142017-02-01 14:31:49ccc said:

    @piggu I was feelin everything he said I personally dont like Drake's character Miss old lil Wayne and the Government is corrupt as fuck

  2. #1094632017-03-06 23:39:48Inia said:

    I have a friend who cried to the piano piece Gosling played in La La Land. He said he could feel the emotion within it. I'd say you're just really in touch with music.

  3. #1092192017-02-21 16:05:58naidraug said:

    I dislike plastic. It is everywhere, difficult to mend and I think this makes us worse at life and more likely to throw crap away. It bugs me.

  4. #1094672017-03-07 04:37:33ccc said:

    Just because your problems aren't as bad as other's,that doesn't mean that your own problems aren't serious to yourself