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  1. 90s Music / General Memories

    #139822012-02-22 05:26:50Zechs said:

    The 90s were an amazing decade for music, lets get a music thread going.

    Post your favourite 90s tracks here. Any genre, as many as you want.

    Bonus~:talk about the memories that these songs bring up

    Also, just talk about memories from the 90s in general

    This one used to me of long long summer drives through the countryside. Still does.

    Something Japanese too:

    One of my favourite bands, anything by them is great for shoegazing, which I did a lot of growing up.

  2. #139842012-02-22 06:10:35Deftones said:

    90s = Grunge

    MTV, radio, tv. This song was everywhere, this song was for memories.

    This is just because I love it. I remember singing this at a karaoke bar, they should have shot me.. I swear I saw bleeding ears.

    More grunge. Found this song on a game (Saints row 2) didn't listen to it back in the 90s.

    Oh god ;A ; I love this song, but it's very much overplayed for me. I remember (Not the 90s but woteva)I was watching lost, and one of my favorite characters (Charlie) was playing this song and it started raining, he looked so cool. I wanted to do that.. untill I found out how many people go out on the street to play this song. Not so cool anymore.

    This whole album (Pinkerton) is fantastic.. LISTEN TO IT.