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Birthday Thread

  1. #255672012-05-11 18:56:21Keri said:

    A birthday rap, for mah brudda @DSP.

    It's yo burfday, duck and you're feelin real fine but yo' bro's up here surfin down the Rhine Now don't feel lonely coz I've got your back Here's yo burfday beats now brap brap brap

    I'mma fess up now your gift and card are late But you know I love you bro, so don't dish out the hate You'll get something so cool you won't know what to do Maybe some zombie stuff or merch from Doctor Who

    Now here's the mushy stuff and trust it's true Without a friendlike you I'd be smurf-level blue Not mah actual skin but my feelings, yo Here's my last word now - you're my one true bro

  2. #255692012-05-11 18:57:20 *DSP said:

    blub blub blub THANK YOU GUYS, MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL ;u;

    and even though I already said it...HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY @augmentine!!!1111!!!!11!!

  3. #262672012-05-17 16:15:10hais said:
    Happy Birthday to @Koizumi and @Etsuko!
    i'm sorry for updating so late! i usually post the cards before i go to college, but i woke up late and didn't have time ;3; and, for @Koizumi, his birthday is already over during his timezone. sorry! (but it's okay, cos i already wished you happy birthday hehe~ :3c)

    Here is @Etsuko's birthday card!

    (sorry for the inboxes i sent you too ;A; i felt really bad sdjglkdfjk)

    i hope you both have a great birthday, had lots of sugoi presents and dericious cake!~<3
  4. #274532012-05-27 19:05:11hais said:


    i'm not making anymore birthday cards. if i have messaged you previously and your birthday is yet to come, i will not be making your cards either. it was too much hassle for me and i'm too busy with coursework. i'm really sorry for those that wanted one!