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  1. Talent

    #153192012-02-29 21:31:03 *August said:

    I always hear people saying that others are naturally talented.

    I don't think there is such thing as natural talent, do you?

  2. #153202012-02-29 21:32:44Zetta said:

    yeah thats obvious and even IF there were natural talent, hard work is always teh one that gets the jobs, talent without hard work means nothing.

  3. #153252012-02-29 22:06:47Zetta said:

    @PigBoss yes, so. the fact that the world it corrupted doesnt mean what i said is wrong. those CEO probably dont have talent either so it just connections, but that its not what this thread is about.

  4. #153282012-02-29 22:25:11Fieyr said:

    Well... consider people who are savants..

    I believe you could make the argument that those kinds of people are naturally talented in certain areas because their brains are wired in such a way that playing the piano/math/art comes naturally to them.

    Take the piano for example.

    Yes, they did put in some amount of work familiarizing themselves with the instrument, listening to symphonies, learning to read/write music. In the end however, the amount of work/effort put forth is far less than what the average individual would be required to invest.

    From that perspective... I think it's likely that there are people who are 'closet savants'

    In other words... people who excel at a certain area due to some developmental difference in the architecture of their minds... however not to the extent that we recognize them as extraordinary.

    Therefore the people who believe in natural talent as well as the people who believe it's hard work alone... can both point to the same example and feel as if their opinion is validated.

    To the person who believes in natural talent, they can simply say that this 'closet savant' is a perfect example.

    And to the person who believes in hard work alone... the 'closet savant's' achievements appear to be just within reach, given a little hard work.

  5. #153402012-02-29 23:41:08 *Mau said:

    I do believe there's such a thing as talent, but talent isn't all that you need to do well at something. Even if you're gifted, you still need to practice, to hone that talent. It's a balancing act. Even geniuses and savants need to keep practicing, because like with all things, if you don't continually practice you will get rusty. Talent allows you to pick up the skills faster, but you still need to learn and practice the skill.

  6. #153442012-02-29 23:45:30eterno said:

    Yes, there is such a thing called talents. It's a Roman currency :p

    Seriously though, I think what people call 'talent' is just the result of how fast you are in learning something new. So basically, natural talent=intelligence.

  7. #153512012-03-01 00:11:38 *Momimochi said:

    Talents are everywhere. I mean, there are people who can draw something that looks like a fucking pro with next to no learning or hardwork needed. Look at those people born with perfect pitches. Those bitches could tune their instruments with no problem at all.

    And genetics. Mostly, it's from genetics.

    EDIT: Oh, and those people born with supreme memory? I am jealous of them. I slave my ass off for Socials, Law, and History class. (lolnonotreallyunlessifyoucounthalfhourstudyingslaving)

  8. #153712012-03-01 03:54:13AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I believe that some people are naturally talented, but only in certain areas. My view is that talented people are only talented because of who they are surrounded by.

    My reasoning for this is completely based from personal experience alone. I have been refered to as gifted many times. Its not that I'm gifted at all, its just that the people who surround me don't show their potential as much as I do. They only put in half the effort that I put in. I see this, but they don't. Which is why, to them, I seem naturally talented.

    If you placed a person in a room with other so called 'talented' people, then they wouldn't seem so special anymore since everyone has talent. If you reversed the situation and placed the 'talented' person in a room with 'regular' people, then they would seem like a genius compared to everyone else.

    To me, talent isn't what you can do, but how much and how often you do it. Yes, pratice is key to honing your skills, but if you are the only one honing skills and everyone else slacks off, then when its time to perform, wouldn't you be better than the rest? That is only natural after all.

  9. #153782012-03-01 04:46:14bleachedsnow said:

    I think there is such thing as natural talent. Think of the prodigies and savants out there. However, it all requires work to maintain their position because even though they are geniuses, the other not-so-talented people catch up eventually, making them all equally 'talented'

  10. #154172012-03-01 13:24:10Cloud-VK said:

    I just say everyone has their strenghs and weaknesses thats my true option...but if you think about it in a biblical way god must have given us some strenghs to cary out his will......or you know how people sometimes compare you to your parents that your so much like them.... could just be genetics ....I dont buy that etheir though ....I think we all have something to offer because we are all born special but we are spoiled by the crowd .... i think its better to be alone than in bad company ....and the fact that we can think,dream,will,reason...ect.....that already makes us a talented speices ,right :)

  11. #154212012-03-01 13:55:37 *TokoyamiSenshi said:

    @SENsei: It's when you're forced to play a game you don't really like. Math for example. Most people don't like math because they think rules are too complicated. That's why most people suck at it.

    I, for example, don't like rugby because I find it retarded to run around after an eggball in a funny suit of armor, throwing myself at other swetty men. That's why I suck at rugby.

    In other words, people suck at hard work.

  12. #154412012-03-01 18:59:55Yoko_x said:

    Yes, there is natural talent. As someone who possesses some... I mean... yeah, people are born good at certain things. But that doesn't make them better than others. Enough hard work and you could be better than people who were born with natural talent. In fact, if you aren't naturally talented and you want to become talented at something I believe that through hard work you could easily surpass someone with natural talent because those who possess the natural talent to act, sing, draw, etc. may not be working as hard to keep or improve their talent. "I'm already good at what I do, why work to improve something that doesn't need improvement?"

  13. #154542012-03-01 21:53:30momo said:


    Stop making sense, this is supposed to incite a flamewar, maaaan

    It has been stated already, but talent doesn't get you jack-shit without work. I graduated with a 2.8GPA, but would routinely score in the 99th percentile when taking state standardized tests. I'd have a 0% average for homework and classwork, but 100% for tests and participation. I had the skills, but I was a lazy bum and didn't want to do homework when I excelled in the course material already.

    As a result, I got into practical universities with full scholarships, such as Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute; yet I couldn't get into a state uni for the life of me, and was turned down at every door for scholarship money. I had the talent, but didn't work hard, and that kicked my ass in the end.

    Talent can make everything easier, but if you're a lazy sack of shit, you're not going anywhere.

  14. #156012012-03-02 17:11:28TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Talent is like ether. Only you can't Michelson-Morley it because people can't pass through semi-silvered mirrors.

    If they could, though, we'd have gotten over our lazy selves and excuses like talent a long time ago.

  15. #159492012-03-05 04:16:37eterno said:


    10k hour= 416.67 days= 1.14 years

    This is the hours of practice needed to be truly good at something?

    Well, how do you explain this?