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  1. Your Bucketlist

    #153602012-03-01 01:13:56 *Mau said:

    Have you guys ever made a bucket list? Lists of things you want to do before you die? Like living out a fantasy or doing something extreme? or out of the ordinary before the curtains close on your life?

    Now, I'm not too good at making list, and especially not good at following them, but I thought I'd make one, and was wondering if there were other people here on CL who've made one of these things. So, I thought why not make a thread where we could all share our lists of future goals and aspirations. You can make the lists as long or as short as you like.

    Bucketlist Here's mine 1.) Visit all 50 states 2.) Visit Italy 3.) Visit South America 4.) Learn how to knit 5.) Learn how to sew 6.) Make my own computer 7.) Cook all the recipes in my favorite cookbooks and the recipes on Gourmet Gaming ( 8.) Take up photography 9.) Go to Times Square on New years (Live in NY, never done it in all 20 yrs of my existence) 10.) Do a brief stint as a mortician 11.) Learn to dance 12.) Own my own place 13.) Become multi-lingual 14.) Decorate my room exactly how I want it 15.) Learn the Harmonica 16.) Become decent at mathematics 17.) Learn to ride a Vespa 18.) Make a decent cosplay 19.) Learn to move on 20.) Learn to ride a bicycle 21.) Take up scrapbooking 22.) Learn how to paint without lineart 23.) Study abroad 24.) Follow this list from start to finish

  2. #153662012-03-01 02:17:21Momimochi said:

    Reminds me of Ten Ghosts...

    Well, in no particular order: Get a degree in university. Visit London. Finish One Piece. Buy a house in China and Japan (relatives. Sucks staying in a hotel EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.) Visit Taiwan again. Get to know the Western world better. Visit Hokkaido (only been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) Visit Australia. Study abroad in China or London. ........ Eat as much as I can before I die.

  3. #153742012-03-01 04:02:47AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Well I don't really plan on dying for a few decades but I guess that mine would be these:

    Travel out of the U.S. Learn East Asian languages Learn to play the piano/violin/guitar (in no particular order) Try all kinds of different cuisines

    Now that I look at my list, there isn't really a lot of things on there. I am such a boring person.

  4. #153792012-03-01 04:59:39 *Josh_The_Mech said:



    try one dish of food from each country. let all my kids know i love them. fly a plane. feed a shark with my own hands. jump though a ring of fire. make 100+ people smile. i have more, this is all i can think of.

  5. #153802012-03-01 05:35:23Zechs said:
    1. Rid myself of my pile of shame (of RPGs)
    2. Make a friend at university
    3. Travel to every continent
    4. Visit Lake Louis
    5. Get my own flat
    6. Build a badass battlestation
    7. Cosplay
    8. Tour Europe
    9. Finish both my damn papers before the 8th
    10. Get a DSLR
  6. #154062012-03-01 10:35:51drakenreaper1 said:
    1. Buy a Ferrari
    2. Learn how to speak Japanese
    3. Travel the world
    4. Meet different kinds of people
    5. Climb a mountain
    6. Pilot an airplane
    7. Go to confession
    8. Have a home constructed for homeless kids In short, Live life to the fullest by doing all the things I love to do until I die
  7. #154342012-03-01 16:39:20Viral said:
    1. Find a 1993 white camero and buy it
    2. Learn Italian
    3. Visit some people on colorless, by basically arriving at their doorstep and demanding shelter.
    4. Punch my drama llama friends, seriously stop causing the drama, then walk away like a bad ass
    5. Visit poppy's grave and tell him how everyone's going
    6. Travel everywhere
    7. Get super powers...somehow
    8. Learn parkour
    9. buy a sailboat
    10. travel across canada on a train
    11. See a cirque du soleli show
    12. Actually start and finish a comic
    13. Hug Robert Downey Jr.
    14. Meet the dalai lama
    15. Make something like the great elephant from Les Machines de l'ile and just ride around screaming BOW TO YOUR NEW RULER.
  8. #154362012-03-01 17:31:30Shirosuke said:
    1. Get a PHD
    2. Bungee Jump
    3. Skydive
    4. Finish writing a novel
    5. Watch all the Kamen Rider Series. All of them.
    6. Visit all the continents (Got 3 down so far)
    7. Ride a motorcycle around some awesome city
    8. Spontaneous Kiss in heavy rain
    9. Create something that would leave some significance in the world
    10. Go to a rock concert
    11. Learn Tae Kwon Do
    12. Marathon all the animated Disney movies
    13. Marathon all Studio Gibli movies
    14. Visit my birthplace again, and maybe take pictures there
  9. #154562012-03-01 22:01:11momo said:

    I'd state mine, but they are mostly sexual things and thus personal.

    For life goals, I just want to be happy.

  10. #154772012-03-02 00:39:49hais said:
    1. Lose weight / drop down 2 dress sizes.
    2. Learn a better standard of Chinese and Japanese than I previously know.
    3. Achieve my dream job.
    4. See Perfume in concert.
    5. Go to South Korea.
    6. Go to a K-pop related venue.
    7. Have a picture/autograph with any of my raburii famous people.
    8. Have a cosy medium house or a really nice flat/apartment.
    9. Get a pet dog and/or cat.
    10. Have a child.
    11. Learn how to draw (decently).
    12. Upload a video of self doing a K-pop dance routine.
    13. See a real life otter floating on its back trying to eat its food or hold hands with its partner. (cos its so cute on tv ok)
    14. Maintain a good life and be happy.
  11. #155472012-03-02 14:00:46 *Deftones said:
    1. Paint something
    2. Create a song
    3. Write some lyrics
    4. Fuck a girl while listening to said song with said dyslexic painting next to me. And when she asks who made crap painting, I'll just say some poor little child did it for me for a dollar, so she could feed her family.

    She falls in love with me and I make babies with said girl. I become famous because of the song I wrote and sell the painting for tons of money, leave my family and do it all again.

    5). Have "Don't fear the reaper" playing at my funeral. 6). Go to hell and have sex with dead demon bitches and make lots of dead demon bitch spawn. 7). Make a army of demon bitch spawn and force them to kill satan. 8). Become the new satan. 9). Just be chill yo'.

  12. #155852012-03-02 16:04:12loploplopl said:

    1) moonwalk in a large crowd 2) wear a bears jersey at the superbowl 3) kill a deer with a knife and only a knife

    thats about it.

  13. #157732012-03-03 19:33:49Maryam said:

    1) Hug Guardian3 2) Attend Deerfield Academy on the $47,000/year scholarship I applied for. (ohgodplease)

    @13 Not sure if this counts but I did try. I failed.


    make 100+ people smile.

    Got one down with:

    let all my kids know i love them.

  14. #157742012-03-03 19:34:53Dumpling said:

    1) Become Tumblr famous 2) Write a novel 3) Become dictator of the world 4) Troll someone 5) Catch up on Homestuck