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Your Bucketlist

  1. #587522013-06-12 01:21:17eterno said:

    1) All I want is for everyone to get along

    2) And then watch the World burns

    3) Then laugh about it

    4) ...and maybe some horseback riding afterwards (Like the one in Gone With The Wind)

    If these were to be realized, then my life is perfect!

  2. #587622013-06-12 02:42:54 *Truchie said:

    In no particular order:

    1. Buy a decent telescope to star gaze
    2. Fully master piano songs that I haven't finished learning
    3. Move to the Big Island of Hawaii
    4. Improve mathematic skills
    5. Read more often
    6. Improve golf skills
    7. Go to Greece, Italy, China, Germany, Africa, and Australia
    8. Get a good career
  3. #587672013-06-12 05:01:51SkullBaby said:
    1. see my favorite bands live
    2. fall in love
    3. be a momma
    4. work as a character in an amusement park
    5. backpack across Europe
    6. start going by Stormageddon, Dark Ruler of All
  4. #588402013-06-12 12:53:23zatsunen said:
    1. Save up for either a really good, normal, digital camera or a dlsr.
    2. Save up for my first bjd.
    3. Go around Japan with friends and tick off everything on the sub-bucket list I have.
    4. Go back to South Korea and take friends around.
    5. Travel to NZ and run along the hills/do LotR re-enactments. Also enjoy nature/relaxing holiday for once.
    6. Go around Europe. Explore little towns and such.
    7. Get Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong and shop like mad.
    8. Try all the alcoholic drinks I've been meaning to try since I turned 18.
    9. Go on a trip with my new uni group.
    10. Finish all the anime I took from friends and catch up the latest season.
    11. Redo our courtyard + mini renovations/house improvements.
    12. Finish building my goddamn bookshelf which has been half finished for almost two years.
    13. Revamp the book room and use it more often. Maybe buy + move a sofa so I can read inside.

    Damn long list. Lots of travel related stuff. Now if only I had enough money to tick them all off.

  5. #588432013-06-12 13:12:22 *Siviriko said:

    I am but a selfless man and I only want 4 things.

    1. Gather enough income to not ever have to work again
    2. Use said income to buy things.
    3. Escape the confines of human mortality
    4. Laze away until the end of days playing vidya and watching animu (As well as other necessities).
  6. #906522015-06-30 19:26:32 *Cloud-VK said:

    0) Find a girlfriend

    1) Replace all the fat on my body with muscle.

    2) Make a fitting costume for AC

    3) Go party at AC 2016

    4) Should go to the doctor and see what's up with my crappy leg

    5)Shave my friend's beard* in his sleep and do him a favor

    6) Take a dance class.

    7) Go deep sea fishing

    8) Go join a nudist colony for awhile. Tell no one.

    9) Get super drunk for once to see what it's like.

    10) Save the day.

  7. #906582015-06-30 23:17:03Josh_The_Mech said:

    My New Buketlist: red buket blue bucket green bucket bucket full of buckets and to get married... to a bucket and have a happy bucket family

  8. #906642015-07-01 01:38:13 *Mu said:

    My bucket list.

    1. Work with Square Enix on one of their big Final Fantasy projects.
    2. Become a famous actor who plays The Green Lantern: John Stewart in a Justice League movie.
    3. Make passionate sweet love to a woman with the body of Gracyanne Barbosa, Michelle Lewin, or Juju Salimeni.
    4. Become an 8th Dan in Kendo.
    5. Become an expert swordsman 6.. Become wealthy enough to set my Mom and dad up in a mansion.
    6. Make a game that lasts for generations, a series that makes people fall in love with its characters and cry at the tragic endings.
  9. #906962015-07-03 07:28:48Warlock said:
    1. Sell a video game for PC
    2. Sell a video game in an appstore
    3. Make CL a larger community
    4. Finish my lossless music collection
    5. Watch all the anime on my TODO list
    6. Play every video game I want to finish
    7. Become a Master Chef
  10. #907032015-07-03 18:33:12Farris said:
    1. Finish my education.
    2. Get a job.
    3. Travel to different parts of the world.
    4. Get a wife, start a family.

    Pretty much a standard life.

  11. #907672015-07-12 10:37:55Coldu said:
    • Lose weight
    • Cosplay
    • Become famous
    • Find love
    • Learn black magick
    • Have lots of cats
    • Own a cool place
    • -insertsexualstuffhere-
    • Have really cool hair
  12. #1079522016-11-09 20:27:24Clever said:
    1. Skydive

    2. Skydive and then snowboard down a mountain (I'm pretty sure this is impossible though.)

    3. Drive over 200 mph

    4. Jump into a lake from a cliff face (people do that all the time apparently)

    5. Make a video game

    6. Make an all purpose AI (I'm in computer science in college so I may get to do that one eventually)

    7. Become fluent in at least three new languages

    8. Become a pilot

    9. Own a sailboat

    10. Travel (maybe when I'm a pilot but that'd be expensive AF)

    11. Meet my idol Olan Rogers

    12. Perform a heist

    13. Become a well respected pixel artist

    This list is getting long so I'll cut it off here