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New Site Help; Suggestions and Bug Reports

  1. #3372011-12-25 21:14:18Wolfangle said:

    so, my grava wont change..i followed all the steps b4 and tried again and i go to settings and it says add email and i have no emails listed..even tho i did a few hours back :/ i did all the steps and even restarted my comp..please help me

  2. #3612011-12-25 22:23:13 *eterno said:

    I can't say much about the new design because I'm on the phone.

    But, I can say that the first post appearing on the other pages, a bother, on the phone.

    EDIT: Here's some of my suggestions: 1. Bring back the 'go to page' buttons at the top of the thread 2. Expand/Collapse button for the first post on the other pages

  3. #3762011-12-25 22:53:45break said:

    okay just wanted to answer on a PM and noticed another bothersoem thing: there i no "reply" function anymore, and without a "reply" button, the whole replieng to PM's will be a whooole lot more tedious, and i mean a lot. it seems small but it does add a lot of bother to it..

  4. #4612011-12-26 01:51:37 *JoJoBird said:

    Yeah, chat seems to be dumping. I have not received an email about confirming my address yet.

    Also just checked out the PMs and it tells me I can not Private message.

  5. #4972011-12-26 03:19:04InvisibleRainbow said:

    pictures aren't posting correctly chats not working on firefox although it caused a bunch of shit, i miss the # system of who came when.. and our badges i tried confirming my address and it wouldn't let me so i just ignored it :P thats all i have so far.. although i feel like im missing things.. i just dont rememeber what they are.. ill get back to you on it ;D

  6. #5022011-12-26 03:40:09 *JoJoBird said:

    I've tried both chrome and firefox and chat doesn't seem to work.

    Offtopic: I watched Game of Thrones yesterday and laughed at the first episode named Winter is Coming.

    Edit: I figured out how to fix the email confirmation thing. I changed my first email to another one then made that one default and stuff, then I added my usual email and was able to confirm and default it. Don't know if it works for others.

  7. #5202011-12-26 06:02:49PureBoredom said:

    Not much of a bug/glitch but names with over 10 characters are cut... I am PureBoredo on chat with a number of others too. Shouldn't be top priority but it just feels weird to see names cut...

  8. #5262011-12-26 06:20:27 *Admin said:


    When I first saw the new design I actually said "eww"... but in reality there's not really anything wrong with it. I just don't like it because it's new and I'm not used to it.

    Thank you for speaking up and saying this. I honestly feel this is how most everyone feels when they state they "hate" the design. They say it every time FB, Youtube or whatever else changes, but grow used to it and have the design grow on them.

    As for the font, I will discuss it with Gargron. It is set to use monospace fonts such as Monaco, Courier, and Courier New, but could easily be changed to a serif font such as Georgia, as it was prior.


    1. Bring back the 'go to page' buttons at the top of the thread
    2. Expand/Collapse button for the first post on the other pages

    Good suggestions, I shall add them to the list!


    I'll add Reply button to the list.


    We have gotten reports of this bug, also. We're doing testing to find out what the culprit may be. For now, I can verify that it always works in Google Chrome, and almost never works in Android or iOS.


    Please, read all of the posts in the thread before replying. Had you even read the first two, you would have seen that most all of your problems have been reported and are being worked on.

    Also, again, if you had read the first post, you would have learned about post sorting, and how we have changed it. If you want the old way, just click "Bumped" at the top of the threads list.


    That was actually intentional, as a quick fix to a different bug. People with long names broke the chat boxes, detaching them from the arrow that points to your avatar. In some cases, it even put them underneath your avatar. I'll look into keeping them from being cut off while not fucking up chat~


    I will attempt to recreate your bug, but I haven't had any problems of the sort. As for chat, I just ask that you bear with us, until we get it resolved.

    And to everyone, thank you for your bug reports and feature suggestions. We do overlook things, and can use all the help we can get. Just please, please, read through the thread, or at least the first few posts, before submitting something.

    Thank you!

  9. #6002011-12-26 14:34:25 *wanderlust said:

    maybe the admins can include a guide to markdown/bbcode for those who are not that used into using it somewhere?

    I can't put video posts since I don't know the right syntax :<

    anyway, that's the only concern I have for now, and if you do have a guide for it, please let us know thanks :)

  10. #6032011-12-26 14:47:22JoJoBird said:

    I figured out the PM problem but it is an odd one. When I go to private message and click compose message, it tells me I can't compose a message. I am able to select a person and message them normally though. I'm still trying to get used to the format so I was confused with the inbox and pming someone.