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New Site Help; Suggestions and Bug Reports

  1. #6292011-12-26 16:27:30Flywalker37 said:

    Just thought this would be a nice time to mention that the chat does work, it just takes a while to loadup. Perhaps a little loading screen is in order...?

    Also! It works on my iPod touch, as I was just talking to PureCarnage and Shirosuke. The chat just needs some time to loadup, give it like 5 minutes at most. See if this is also the case on Android.

    Excuse my misspellings the ios keyboard is iffy

  2. #6592011-12-26 18:40:27Ecstasy said:

    I really like the new design, I see it took a lot of effort to make all this. Thank everyone who took part in this.

    The thing I don't understand is - I added a person to my contacts, but I can't find the list of my contacts. and I don't get any notifications by e-mail that someone added me..

  3. #8542011-12-27 02:29:01zatsunen said:

    I have a slight complaint. I really love the floating ^ arrow button on the right which takes you straight up to the top of the page without needing to scroll. However, it's a pain when you need to adjust your settings as it completely covers the settings link.

    It is possible to reach the settings by scrolling down carefully till the link is in the narrow slot between the ^ arrow button and the top of the page but I guess.. it's annoying?

    It's not a huge problem but there are always those who cannot figure out (dumbasses) how to get to the settings....

  4. #8802011-12-27 03:16:54Hiruki said:

    What about the private massage in chat like in durarara dollars? It's when your in chat and you can just click on the person you want to private massage. And maybe make a mobile chat too so people can talk where ever they are or if they don't have a laptop or computer

  5. #8942011-12-27 04:12:57JoJoBird said:

    @Hiruki We do have Private messaging, just not like the style of DRRR. I have also heard many people using the chat on their phones but as an app, I doubt that will happen.

    Thinking about the PMs, maybe have a notifications thing in chat like you have on the forum page, so I can go back to threads I like, someone PMing me, or a friend makes a thread (Although you might have this already, I wouldn't know as Chat hasn't worked for me.). Also Maybe the PM style should be changed to like how FB has theirs with the style of it being a chat under one PM so it could fulfill the private chat thing.

  6. #9212011-12-27 05:36:03wanderlust said:

    @Hiruki sorry to be rude man, one of the reasons why the admins decided the entire site's layout is that they don't want CL to be confused with DRRR!! Grow up man/woman! I feel like exploding whenever someone mentions DRRR!! in a DRRR-less related thread/s.

    anyway, I sent the admin a pm earlier? I wonder if they received it? I think I didn't experience any of that weird pm thingy.

  7. #10242011-12-27 13:53:34Admin said:


    A guide is in the works


    I'll add it to the list. We have a better, less-laggy version in the works.


    Noted, I will attempt to fix that soon.


    Odd, I haven't gotten any errors of the sort, actually.


    Thanks for the info!


    You can always use the "Spam" tag. We plan to incorporate tag favoriting and hiding in the future, which will allow users to hide such threads.


    Ah, yes, at certain resolutions (width 1024), this would be a problem, I agree. I'll get right on that.


    Not yet in the works, but I will definitely add it to the discussions list.


    While the notifications would be quite spiffy in chat (and friend thread notifications is a great idea), I don't believe having FB-style chat/PM messages is a viable option right now, given how both are handled in the code.

    Sorry <3


    I've replied~

  8. #12112011-12-27 22:31:31 *Mairu said:

    I am not sure if someone has mentioned this ,but for those who try to do actions such as "/hug", their post won't show. It seems like it you just put "/-insert action-" then nothing. Only way it works is if you "[Space]/-insert action-".

    I apologize if that doesn't make any sense.

    EDIT: Would ti be possible for us users to have a delete profile feature in our settings? It doesn't have to be one click and its over. Maybe you must confirm it with your email or something. WWe mentioned it in chat with a couple users and we thought it would be nice and useful to have it.

  9. #12902011-12-28 01:48:22Fieyr said:

    I like how the opening post is carried forward as you browse to the next page... but I'm wondering if it would be possible to hide it in a div or something and allow users to expand it only when needed. For especially long posts... it can be annoying to have to scroll through that again.

    Alternatively, the page could automatically scroll to the next post.

  10. #14002011-12-28 08:28:32Admin said:


    The first was kinda suggested already, I believe I added it to the list, possibly not. I absolutely love the second, though, and will definitely propose this to everyone.


    Any luck in Chrome? Opera? It seems to be working for me in all three, for me.

    Next, as @Flywalker37 suggested, if you leave it open for a bit, do they eventually begin showing up?


    Please excuse me if I am being rune/daft, but I see absolutely no real use for that, to tell the truth. Why would you want that? I'm kinda drawing blanks here.


    Hmm, try what I said to DC, see if it works well for you.

  11. #14042011-12-28 08:33:29someone said:

    @Admin I think Mairu means that you can't start a chat message with a / or . For example, if I wanted to say /test, it won't work. If I write test/test, it'll work.

  12. #14052011-12-28 08:34:43Admin said:

    @someone I meant about profile deletion, actually. I forgot to reply to the chat message things, though, whoops!

    To tackle that, I'll add it to the bugs list.

  13. #14102011-12-28 08:47:25Mairu said:

    @Admin for my old backups and other people's accounts. Instead of having them there, I would rather close them.I feel weird knowing I have an account which I never use. Kind of like a body, better to be put to rest then left to rot in its place. Also, if a person does say, "Good Bye Colorless!" They have no way of not meaning it.

  14. #14112011-12-28 08:51:47Admin said:


    It was for this reason (among others) that we wanted to start with a new/trimmed user db, actually. The thing is, there are many people that would lament deleting their account after a while, and would wish to come back. For that reason, I don't really feel it is really a good idea.

    Nevertheless, I shall add it to the Suggestions list, and discuss it with the team.