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  1. Bleach Anime Ending on March 27

    #154862012-03-02 04:02:51 *Xentus said:

    So, I recently found out that the Bleach anime will be coming down to a closure with a total of 366 episodes. This is actually quite shocking to be since I thought they would run for another three years. What do you guys think about the famous 9 years anime?

  2. #154872012-03-02 04:04:49momo said:

    While it could have used a lot of work in it's pacing, it was quite enjoyable when I was watching it.

    Calling it now, there will be a second series, akin to Naruto: Shippuuden.

  3. #154902012-03-02 04:38:07Sogran said:

    The Bleach Manga has entered what was labeled as the final arc (The Thousand Year Blood War iirc) so idk what is going to happen. Presumably a second series like Naruto: Shippuuden will cover that arc once it has some time to progress, but that will probably be the end of both the manga and the anime.

    9 years of anime...Tite Kubo has done well for himself. I'd imagine he's either ending the story out of getting tired of it or fear that it would develop Dragonball Z syndrome where characters strengths become so ridiculous it practically undermines the original story (as if it wasn't almost treading that ground already). This is just presumption though, who knows, with such a successful series in as well established a setting as the bleach universe, it's very possible we could either get a spinoff or a sequel series.

  4. #154932012-03-02 04:59:36Momimochi said:

    I'd rather have some movie compilation. The movies for Bleach just seems a bit more engaging. Buuuttt... That's just me.

  5. #155152012-03-02 08:34:05drakenreaper1 said:

    well that leaves one piece and Naruto as all that's left of the anime classics from my childhood :))) This also gives me more time to watch Fairy tale >)

  6. #155502012-03-02 14:13:08Deftones said:

    Time to catch up! I really did like watching this anime at one point, waited for each ep every week, then started reading the manga. This and Narutard got me into anime.. sadly. Also neon genesis.

  7. #156402012-03-02 19:43:12Dragonaut said:

    I remember the first time i saw this anime as a child and all i could remember thinking was ," Wait! He kills dead things with a possesed sword!?"

  8. #156792012-03-03 03:33:37Anemone1 said:

    It was with Naruto(Naruto Shippuden), and One Piece as some of the longest running anime series, and now it ends. It's pretty sad for some Bleach fans, but we know that someday it'll come back to us or something like that. I guess ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH won't be coming back anytime soon...(~_~)

  9. #156832012-03-03 04:08:18Randoman said:

    yep, finally. I hate when they try to extend a series to the maximum making it lose its identity in the process. Bleach could have ended a long time ago. I'm happy they are finally letting it go.

  10. #157582012-03-03 18:25:26AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I can't believe that would happen to Bleach. I've been watching it for over half my life, and for it to end at episode 366 is sad to me. I hope a sequal does come soon.

  11. #157752012-03-03 19:36:49Anemone1 said:

    @AlphaHikari: I believe no matter what that something will bloom out of Bleach and all Bleach fans will rejoice once more. Plus I don't think a lot of Hardcore Bleach fans will let Bleach die out anyway.

  12. #165492012-03-07 19:43:25Dragonaut said:

    I could see them starting back up again but ithink the should create new characters so the original ones dont become overpowered in the series, the only Anime that is still to this very momment been a classic is One Piece. Watching this show as a child I have been in love with all the characters from they very first episode when Luffy busted out of the barrel.