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Bleach Anime Ending on March 27

  1. #166072012-03-08 01:05:28judar said:

    It makes me sad that Bleach would end, but maybe it is better than death via Fillers and over-power killing of the plot. I will miss it though ; - ;

  2. #171702012-03-11 04:18:09Kimiko-taicho said:

    I dunno, I might be a bit happy about this. Bleach HAS, after all, started growing a beard. I think it'd be awesome if, instead of just ending Bleach, Kubo started on another project. THAT would be interesting.

  3. #198702012-03-26 15:44:03PiroTanaka said:

    Fscking retarded. It gets to the last arc, then drops. Who in their right mind, would cancel it right before the last arc?! I thought it was crap. :/

  4. #206782012-04-02 19:39:54break said:

    @ProTanaka obviously waiting for the manga to finish and then gonna animate the last arc so that they odnt have to add year's worth of senseless filler. eems like a good idea to me.

  5. #266722012-05-21 22:46:07 *Jenna38 said:

    Honestly, I think it's about time. Bleach is getting way too long to the point where it gets boring at too many points in the anime. It should've ended a long time ago. I mean, don't get me wrong- I love the characters and I've grown up with Bleach- Been watching it ever since childhood, but if it doesn't end now then it'll just fall flat later- maybe even become unfinished. Now, I think it would be better for them to make one last movie just to completely end it and tie up any loose ends in plotline.

  6. #1070142016-09-15 13:27:39 *Ecstasy said:

    I will necro this thread because I have no desire to create a new one. The manga ended a little less than month ago and they've announced a motion picture adaptation. No animated sequels planned and since the manga is done it's unlikely that there will ever be one, although crazier things have happened but the chances are really slim at this point to put it mildly.

    The stuff that we got in the manga ending is fine, but there are quite a few things left hanging, such as some of the characters that are left at the brink of death last time we saw them and now we have no idea what happened to them. I really wish Kubo focused on that instead of all the shipping that he kinda said he didn't want to include. At the end of the day, all we got is the same story as Naruto's ending with tons of angry shippers burning their manga volumes and merchandise over a stupid pairing that they fantasized about.

    This is so sad.

  7. #1070212016-09-16 04:20:31Xyopq said:

    I thought that the ending was kind of sudden. They spent like 2 years with all these drawn out fights and then the final one ended abruptly (in comparison).

    Also Kenpachi's Bankai wasn't awesome enough.

    Deep down though, everyone agrees it should have ended with the Aizen arc.

  8. #1070272016-09-16 12:44:24Ecstasy said:

    @Xyopq I'm going to assume that Kubo didn't plan on ending the manga yet and was forced to wrap it up by Shounen Jump. I don't know what kind of relationship he has with his publishers, maybe they did want him to drag the plot and milk the series and then they suddenly decided that they wanted to finish it. Or it could have been Kubo just trolling us as usual, we won't know for sure.



    That being said, I still enjoyed the series and Bleach is my favorite from the Big Three, especially its anime adaptation. Loved the artstyle and character design and soundtrack and epic fights, I think it deserved more time for the ending. But oh well, it's been a good journey.