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  1. CL user appreciation thread.

    #155462012-03-02 13:57:50megumi-tan said:

    this thread is for thanking CL memebers for maybe something they did for you. my list. 1. @SENsei. SEN makes me feel bad about myself so i want to do better. (but i probably won't) 2. @maudia and @pigboss. both of these users taught me some very important words and their meanings. cunt and faggot. 3. @Kuroba_Loki told me what wew is... kinda. ( LOKI IS A NINE YEAR OLD!!! SHHHHHHH DONT TELL ANYONE!!!) 4. is @ipotane. ipo was what sparked my fascination in deers. ipo also said this " i dont know if megumi-tan is stupid or a really good troll." i think it was a complement. don't be fooled by his links to porn on chat. he can be a good person... i think. 5. is @hais. hais introduced me to welsh cakes.

    now post your list here.

  2. #157142012-03-03 09:05:22Hika said:

    @SENsei: I platonically love you you egoistical bastard loli lover who is going to help me get into fucking MIT so we can dick around and rate his girlfriends together.


    @Dutchie: Those swear words came in handy.

    @Oldfags: That is all I have to say.

  3. #157662012-03-03 18:56:38 *Maryam said:

    @Guardian3 Because everyone else should get some other user to admire. He walks on water. So no, Guardian is not your bro. He is mine. Fuck off. x100000000000000 "Thank-you"s will not suffice.

    @DarkChaplain for teaching me that you don't know what you have until you've lost it. At first, as you know, I would get really butthurt after being kicked but then it became fun. Now it's gone.(and also for showing me some really interesting games now and then.)

    @JoJoBird because his wikia page is just fantastic. And he is nice to me even when I am mean to him. :)

    @Acostoss / @Admin / @bot because he was the first to really tell me off about my typing. I doubt he'll remember though. Thanks, papa 'costoss. ur teh best.

    @Domo He talks to me in chat when I kill it, just because I tell him to. And he is a quality sister.

    @kosukechan the best shota I've ever met.

  4. #158142012-03-04 01:09:59Domo said:

    @Maryam for tagging me (?). You're one of the few people I talk to even though you're sitting right next to me. @guardian3 because Guard deserves it most out of all of us. Guard is Hawaiian, so he wins. @InsaneBoardGame for making me a Good Girl. I don't think I even joined, but I'm glad I'm considered a good girl. @DarkChaplain for being a really cool mod and being one of the few people I talk to. @Mairu_Orihara because you are super nice. You answered all my questions when I first joined and never got tired of me. So, thank you for that. @NightLight for saving me whenever Zaika was on. @Kanra1920 I wish you came on more ;__; I loved our TC sessions. @hatsuneheiwajima143 for being my first actual online friend. @Ichi-Izaya because durnk. @nekotan I really liked calling you Ohime-sama and being in your little group even if it was for a little while. @WhisperSiren You put up with my moods in chat a lot. @GuMMiP0WR for not getting offended when I called you newfag. @KaliVenom ;____; KALI <3 @icanrawrtoo for being Australian (?) This is getting long, so I'll stop here.

  5. #158532012-03-04 06:47:02 *shafnat said:

    @NightLight and @JoJoBird the first person who care to talk to me in the first time i entered the chat @Inasda who gave me a spirit to draw more.. thank you! :) @PigBoss for the valentine card.. :) @eterno senpai because even he talked a bit rude to me, but his advice for my drawings are greatly effective.. :) and also, FOR ALL CL USERS! :) because cl, my english improving a lot.. even right now my english is still sucks.. THANK YOU!!! :) Also for all who have praised my drawing,advicing something for my drawing, and care about my drawing.. :)

  6. #159592012-03-05 09:08:36 *Satan said:

    sorry guys Im not very creative :Y @Satan for making my life a living hell @Spooky for guiding me @Domo for remembering nekotan and being a super duper cute @NomNomNyan rabu rabu rabuuu @evii-chii EEVEE for being my waifu and made me breakfast when you fractured my leg while we had sex @Kuroba_Loki wew @Stormkun your tumblr is awesome @kida_tanaka :3 @Deftones for being there and I do agree on we need more cl_drama @Slyter for being mary's man @Maryam For being Maryam and super duper cute @wanderlust wondersexyniqua for introducing me to wwe's kharma @MrTingles well because I like your name mrtinkerbel @Dec for being moe ginger @Chou for being pretty ginger @AnimeShifter for being captain blue cape @Zetta for being pretty in a pretty pink dress @Gargron for being super duper kawaii nekoboy desu @ichi-izaya for teaching me various things you don't understand yourself @guardian3 for being my Ihavenoideawhyyou'realwayssoworriedaboutmeson @Viral for making my breakfast take over the world dream come true, kindda. @hais you're beautiful although I haven't seen you before but you are, i don't know. @DarkChaplain for being awesome @kosukechan well....shota @DSP for being a duck @Keri for being KERAYYYY @Jesus-san .______________________________. @Hitler-kun HEIL HITLARRR @PigBoss I don't know but I like you in a weird way @NightLight for being a mexican @pontakun it's okay I hate you too @Noodle cause your name sound delicious @acostoss because momo wa sugoku kawaii desu yo @Ecstasy you're beautiful @someone you and your perryness @Jin_sama your perfect face and arts, go away and die alone with your perfectness @PureBoredom happy very belated birthday, you're awesome @SENsei sen, you have my respect.

  7. #160312012-03-05 17:59:48Gargron said:

    @Satan I'd like to say thank you for calling me kawaii. It is much appreciated, especially from such a pretty girl as yourself :> Hail Satan!

  8. #159622012-03-05 09:38:45 *hais said:
    1) @Satan omg ;~; let me just hold you cos you're so precious *squishes* but you're the beautiful one ok!!!! *O*
    2) @Koizumi for being the cutest (((and best derp))) bf everrrrr~ you're always there for me ;~; and i love you the most ok?? and thank you for bidding on the necklace for me!! (you better not lose sobs)
    3) @DSP for the time where you had to give me directions cos i got lost when i had to make my way to meet you and @Keri for the first ever time.
    4) @Keri for letting me stay in your house for 3 days and giving me the best 3 days ive ever had with @Dutchie, @Shirosuke, @DSP and everyone who went to the con. (((and being so slow at greetings hehehe))) oh and doing the most awkward msn emoticons with the hump. emoticon with @Dutchie LOL omg that was the best
    5) @Shirosuke for being the best mama in the world and for sending me the cutest gifts ever.
    6) @Dutchie for the blowjob behind Tesco, hope the 2 pints was goooood~
    7) @Dec for being my favourite scottish bean in a dress and my comforting eating buddy. (((wear dresses more cos you're so cute)))
    8) @JkSuterra for being my kawaii ajusshi desu and being so cute with your cute accent and your cute little finnish nose let me love you omo i sarangshiteru you!!!!
    9) @someone for being the best chinese canadian buddy ever and for sending me those pretty pictures cos you're a cutiepie!!!! (((oh and for having a pretty deep voice)))
    10) @Spooky for giving me the kawaiiest hello kitty letter set for my birthday 2 years ago. it means everything to me sobs
    11) @Mercy for sending me so many parcels over the last 2 years, i miss you alot ;~;
    12) @Viral for letting me fangirl with your sister about k-pop on skype and letting me be the first person to see you so i could brag to everyone hehehe
    13)@Yoshiya cos you're one of my favourite nii-chuwans ever and giving me the greatest K-ON fanfic ever to readddd~
    14) @erii-chii for being my kawaii bbygrl and i miss you and love you lots we should talk more ;~;
    15) @KyotachiKyoya for being my kakoii kyota-oniisama. i miss you and i hope work is going good and you're well!!!
    16) @acostoss cos he's just my kawaii jesse~~~~
    17) @PureBoredom for being my rabi rabi and playing boku no pico during a tinychat session
    18) @Ipotane for being naruto and making chat so entertaining ;w;
    20) @Daikon for making me a birthday video last year, it's the greatest thing ever ;~; i miss you my raburii canadian friend!
    21) @bot for all the times you've cheered me up with your kawaii pictures
    22) @everyone_else_on_cl_who_ive_forgotten_cos_im_stupid_i_rabu_you

    and last but not least @YumiToho for being my favourite sister/twin in the world and bein so tsundere and helping me make ponta's card and being so kawaii she's made my eyesight go from -1.75 to -3.75 uguu~