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  1. CL's Amateur Literature Club

    #162142012-03-06 13:19:56 *DeathByBiscuit said:

    Hello everyone, yesterday I was browsing CL and for some reason remembered that there were quite a few people that liked to read and more importantly to write on the old site.

    So I decided to make this thread where the users that like to write would upload their work, finished or unfinished, and we could all read and give our opinions on how they could improve their current and future works. So post here your work.

    Finally back but not for long so if anyone wants to have a crack a this thing: why not....pdf

    Also stop fighting, both of you look silly.

    Continue to have a nice day/night.

  2. #162862012-03-06 19:23:44 *JacquesTheZombie said:

    Im totally gonna post my writings here! Finally an audience that wont be like the idiots from school.

    Im thinking about posting either my Pointless Quest story as kinda of a manga where i will post each chapter seperadetly or my Deadmans Lullaby. I title it when i post which ever one.

  3. #165732012-03-07 21:27:02Nandaba said:

    Here's a freeform poem I wrote. It's titled "Dongs".



    Dongs. Dongs.

    d o n g s

    Tits are cooler