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  1. Conspiracy in CL

    #164472012-03-07 09:58:29eterno said:

    Some threads got 20+ likes for unknown reasons.

    I guess it's Kony's plot to bury his thread so that no one would know who he is.

  2. #164482012-03-07 10:04:58momo said:

    Oh, goodness, seems i forgot to put up the announcement. We had a user create a bunch of sockpuppets and like a ton of threads. Each of the sockpuppet accounts were banned, as well as the original user's account.

  3. #164612012-03-07 11:28:03quipna said:

    Does it matter? Quick, invisible moderation with visible results is probably the best sort you can have on a forum like this.

    Make bans too public ,and you'll get backlash from the user's friends, which leads to more drama and more bans.

    They fight because He bans, and He bans because they fight. It's a vicious cycle.

  4. #164662012-03-07 12:55:03eterno said:


    It does. Because the main aspects of a mystery are “who dunnit”, “why dunnit”, and “how dunnit”.

    without love, it cannot be seen.

  5. #164692012-03-07 13:04:05 *eterno said:


    Exactly! It's in the catbox now, so we can just make up stories about it!

    Let's see... Maybe the CIA thinks that CL is some sort of Anonymous hub and the like system is how the leaders communicate with each other. They decided to disrupt their communication by hiring an 'user' to screw it up.

  6. #164712012-03-07 13:21:45 *momo said:


    If you wish to play this way, then so be it.

    Your claims conflix with three of Knox's laws.

    Knox's 1st:

    It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the story. Let us interpret this as "someone who was not already on the site for a while before this incident".

    Knox's 8th:

    It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented. Wht clues are there that there has been CIA involvement?

    Knox's 10th

    It is forbidden for a character to disguise themselves as another without any clues. What clues are there that a CIA agent (a character) disguised themselves as a user (another character)?

    Man, my Umineko debating skills are a bit rusty. I do miss those old threads on /a/ and /jp/. ;w;

  7. #195862012-03-24 13:27:38eterno said:

    Guys, we have another case

    Take a look at this

    If we look at the list, it's ordered by the order of registration.

    So it'd be fair to deduce that @salazar84 is the second guy who registered.

    But that's not the case, it was actually @An_Animas who registered 2nd and he's not even on the list!

    What had happened to him? Where did he go? Why is he not on the list?

    The mystery is killing me!

    My theory is that @Gargron murdered him and hid his body and account so it's as if he never existed. He did it so that his little brother, @salazar84 can be the second member and celebrate his birthday every year as the second oldest fag here.