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Why do people like Hetalia?

  1. #393962012-09-26 00:17:12Exerides-t-5 said:

    @Chestnut_Rice "But there's homosexual subtext and cute characters so people watch it fucking any way." Yeah, that is what is in most anime. If there were no cute characters or inappropriateness, then anime would be like every other show broadcasting on television. Besides, no one said "If you read or watch Hetalia you are guaranteed to know everything about history." It actually made me want to so I could know the difference between the actual facts and the funny stuff. And if you REALLY pay attention, you actually do learn something. (ANYWAY: I admit that Hetalia is very inaccurate, but to say it sucks because of that or is stupid or anything is stupid in itself. Because, let's face it, the world is all about inaccuracy. That's what makes life interesting.)

  2. #393972012-09-26 00:19:23Exerides-t-5 said:

    @TalTal19 And this is exactly the reason no one wants to take a chance to watch it... -_- The only actual pairings in Hetalia are GermanyXItaly (although misinterpreted) and one-sided Swedan---->Finland. The author even said so...

  3. #393992012-09-26 00:39:19Exerides-t-5 said:

    @TalTal19 I am just stating a fact. I apologize if I offended you. I was just saying that comments like that are what do it to people. I like Hetalia and ship a shitton of people, but I wouldn't post them on something like this. :) I really am sorry if I offended you.

  4. #394022012-09-26 00:55:11TalTal said:

    @Exerides-t-5 no worries! I've just had some pretty bad experiences with hardcore hetalia fans in the past. But I know that a handful of stupid people don't represent the fandom as a whole.

  5. #394362012-09-26 05:13:58Chestnut_Rice said:

    No, the inaccuracies are so glaring that they literally hurt my eyes. China was never carved in to little colonies by European powers. Spheres of influence (no total sovereignty, only control over trade and the like) were proposed by a group of European nations, but were never implemented. Canada is absolutely not an "invisible nation". Britain and America are very much aware of our presence and you could go so far as to say that each probably have us in their top 3 of allied nations. China was also never formally in the Allied powers, they got help from the Brits and Yanks, but even then it was only the Nationalist army and the Communists were very much free agents until halfway through, when they finally joined (sorta) against the Japanese. Also, Belarus does traditionally have close ties to Russia, but it's a very far stretch from wanting to unite. If any thing it's the Russians who want the Belorussians who want to join them! Also if N+S Italy are so different that they need different characters, then so should "Northern France" and Aquitaine. Don't forget Bavaria. And Flanders/Wallonia. And this is just off the top of my head from the first season that I actually sat through, mind you. If I went through and watched it again while noting every thing down, you'd never see the end of this post.

  6. #394602012-09-26 15:02:10judar said:

    Because land-masses r so kawaii desu and everyone loves hetalia so u must to or u r loser ;<

    If anything I find it dumb, ridiculous and white-washed and also ridiculously factually incorrect with the world's most horrendous fanbase - their fanbase almost competes with the UTAU fanbase which says a lot.

    Though there was a point where I liked it and found it funny because the characters were stupid but now it's BS - also Seychelles is one of the few females in there and Seychelles is located near Africa so logically the people that live there would have dark skin.

    Seychelles is fucking white.

    WHAAAATTT? And also a few other characters are white-washed and I also have to add some of the dumb-shit fanbase actually TAKE THE SHOW SERIOUSLY so now all French people are 'pervs' all Americans are dumb etc.

    I just can't.

    I am so done with this show.

  7. #395872012-09-29 01:41:04Exerides-t-5 said:

    Seychelles was made whiter in the show and so was Egypt! In the mange they are darker. That was not the author/creators fault! Also, Hungary and Belgium are female characters and it is debated that China is too. Just because you don't SEE the female characters often does not mean they aren't there. And besides, no one said to see it as a History class...Anyway, it is fun to watch and to laugh at...The innacuracies are probably based on what people THOUGHT of History anyway...If you think about it, maybe that is how it came to be. Just because Hetalia the show is inaccurate...The manga is backed up almost every page. Has anyone read the webcomic or manga here?

  8. #396852012-09-29 22:40:52 *Mau said:

    No justice in the world could ever save the Hetalia fandom, no fandom can be done justice. If it has a fandom, the majority of it sucks.

    Hetalia is an excellent example of this.

  9. #397662012-09-30 17:46:24Exerides-t-5 said:

    @Maudia Lol, but nearly everything has a fandom, they just go about it differently...Do you mean online fandoms or fandoms in general? (fandom can be defined or explained as the state of being a fan or all that encompasses fan culture and fan behavior in general)

  10. #397682012-09-30 18:27:21Mau said:

    Exactly. Nearly everything that has a fandom has stupid annoying fans, or at least anything that's noticeable more popular. I'm talking about fandoms as a whole, online, offline. And the majority sucks.

  11. #397692012-09-30 18:34:56Momimochi said:

    If there were no cute characters or inappropriateness, then anime would be like every other show broadcasting on television.

    ... Au contraire, mon ami, every other show broadcasting on television has the exact qualities of cute characters and hints (or full-on) inappropriateness.