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Why do people like Hetalia?

  1. #398292012-10-02 02:27:13Exerides-t-5 said:

    Except not...Germany admits to not liking his boss...Anyway, the anime (especially the dubbed version) is full of dark humor...I guess that is it...Hetalia is funny, I think. And that picture is just...No words, no comment.

  2. #399002012-10-02 20:19:55 *Mairu said:

    Guys, the show is just a comedy about stereotypes. There really isn't a central plot. The original comic was based on History being personified into people with their nation's stereotypes. The Anime is much different from it. The Anime is only bits of some of the comic added in with comedic jokes and puns of each country. Again, it's all a joke. No one should be taking it seriously, really. I mean look below, its only one screenshot of the anime and they exaggerate to make it funny.

    The art may not be everyone's favorite, but you all do know that the anime just got another animation director, right?

    EDIT: The English dub is full of crude/dark humor because Americans wouldn't get the Japanese jokes they do. It won't translate/sound very well if you kept it as is. They make several about the names of England, Japan, China, etc.