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  1. New Year's Resolutions?

    #172011-12-25 06:44:10 *VivoDePyre said:

    Title explains about as much as needed. Do you have any upcoming New Year's resolutions? I personally hope to stop drinking caffeine, hoping that it will help cope with my piss poor attention span and memory. Who knows if I'll keep up, but I want to try.

    So post your wishes for the new year, get/give some advice on keeping up with them, or if you think having a resolution is complete rubish.

  2. #592011-12-25 08:35:09Jenna38 said:

    I want to stop procrastinating on everything~Well, that and being lazy too-I'm not very productive person so I tend to not ever get much of anything done.

  3. #682011-12-25 08:47:55Neko-Chan said:

    Tolerance and Patience, Finish my Capstone (don't ask), Get active on Cl forums again, Ask out that girl, Get a job, Build my gamer, Walk my dog more often. That is pretty much it for the moment.

  4. #782011-12-25 09:07:58Admin said:
    • Actually make my company "a thing"
    • Finish a couple design projects and my portfolio page for the company
    • Get a couple things ironed out on CL
    • Take time away from the site and work, and actually sleep
    • Maybe play a video game for the first time in a while.
  5. #922011-12-25 09:42:21 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Start my actual game
    Master Autodesk Maya & 3DSMAX
    Finish my Japanese Courses
    Learn to play the piano
    Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival(got the money ready just need winter to come around again!!!!)
    Do a bit more traveling
    Finish my Latin Courses as well

    Pretty much it, the second one is going to be the hardest of them though...
  6. #2182011-12-25 13:55:26Hanako_17 said:

    All I can do is try my best I guess, I'm gunna try hard at my GCSES I won't pass my maths, but I could at least pass the others. :) Work hard at school is mine.

  7. #3102011-12-25 17:44:56KAGAMI said:

    I usually make 3 New Year's Resolutions. One that's possible, one that's impossible and one that will make me better person in general.

    -Talk more lol -Start to actually work on my drawings -Eat more healthy food and gain weight

  8. #3352011-12-25 21:12:23Kyuuun said:

    Eat less. Sleep more. Tell the people I don't like that I don't like them. Pass 8th grade. Learn to be quiet.