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  1. #698452014-02-09 07:16:38 *Kirn said:

    Btw, if you left the site and returned, you lose your oldfag status. You become returnfag. Just saying.

  2. #698662014-02-09 18:55:22Kirn said:

    Well, there are still a few oldfags on CL. Most don't claim the status though. And, to tell the truth, there's not much of a status left now.

  3. #1194242020-01-07 17:03:37Teru said:

    I tend to forget about CL from time to time. I started reading the DRRR light novels and remembered you fucks. Happy new year.

  4. #1194342020-01-08 22:00:35DarkChaplain said:

    @Nandaba A damned shame, innit? I always figured it'd go up in flames and die in a pyre of shit.

    Instead, it just became abandonware, decorated with sometimes 70 pages worth of spam threads. Should've nuked it years ago when there were still witnesses left!