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  1. Ashkachan's manga colorings (Now with Utena!)

    #17302011-12-28 22:38:23 *Ashkachan said:
    Yes, hello, welcome to my manga coloring thread!

    In case you didn't know, I color manga as a hobby. Somehow, people like my manga colorings, so I continue to do them. (Ego boost much, Ashley?)

    http://counterattck.wordpress.com/ My manga coloring blog

    http://ashkachan.deviantart.com/ My DA account, which has manga colorings, and wallpapers that I've done.

    And, as a treat, I'll show you a request that I'm currently doing.~

    This one is a challenge for me, since I'm more or less used to screentones for shading. This coloring has no screentones. I'm having to guess my way through this one! (It still looks messy, ahaha.)

    Feel free to ask me any questions on manga coloring, and I'll answer them as best as I can!
  2. #26172011-12-31 03:17:46Ashkachan said:

    One request down... a few more to go. (;_;)

    This was incredibly difficult, but it helped me a lot with learning how to shade normally overall.
  3. #33532012-01-02 17:10:18shafnat said:
    @Ashkachan : sumimase~ I like to draw manga and sometimes i continue my manga project, but, i can't color any of my drawing.. last night i tried to make a cover for my manga, but it's failed when i color that..
    i want to see how you color a page of my manga page, this is it.. :)

    Aito's hair is in brown(above) And i still don't know what color i should choose for kittenhead's skin(below)..
    yoroshiku~ :D