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Draw yourself through the years

  1. #529552013-04-13 01:16:15T said: My hair is brown but everything was changing to brown when i used brown bucket on black hair. I put so much effort in it, doing it 2nd time would take too much time. It may not look like it but it took me almost 3 hours :S

  2. #535222013-04-19 03:33:31TeruShinozaki said:

    I kept the heights consistent all throughout because otherwise, I'd be insinuating that I actually grew physically over the years. Which I didn't.

  3. #651632013-10-31 16:48:12judar said:

    You've matured so much as a person and MSPaint has captured it so beautifully wow you are truly one of the leading artists of our generation to have produced such a profound masterpiece.

  4. #1062912016-08-19 07:50:25 *masculyn said:

    LOL i re-did this almost immediately because it looked mediocre and i forgot to give myself arms

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