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Pokemon Black and White 2

  1. #260882012-05-16 10:09:19InsaneBoredGame said:

    I hated the gameplay for Black and White (WHY AREN'T MY POISONED POKEMON DYING WITH EACH STEP I TAKE?) but I played it for N. Just N. I agree with Tally, I want him to be dateable...

  2. #261282012-05-16 17:56:06judar said:

    I personally am looking forward to the new one, the protagonists are one of my main thing though, the girl's pretty cute, she looks like Sailor Moon so it's okay but they guy's hair and clothes are just fghjk


    She is so cute ; W ;

  3. #261312012-05-16 18:23:11TalTal said:

    Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the guy, the rival, or the cover pokemon, but other than that this game looks awesome. /happy dance

  4. #261422012-05-16 19:21:01judar said:

    Oh wow, she looks so cool! Out of all the Gym Leaders I want to see Skyla, Elese (Kamitsure) and this girl!

    This is Homika I believe?

  5. #261432012-05-16 19:35:38Josh_The_Mech said:

    im just confused with the new plot. and i wasnt happy with the pokemon with black and white. im not sure wat to think about this one.

  6. #261782012-05-17 00:11:26 *eterno said:

    I think they're really pushing this to be like the new GSC just like they tried to push B&W as the new Red & Blue.

    Well, since Red & Blue is essentially a 'no contest' to begin with, I think this game might have some chances to be the best (or second best) Pokemon game to date.

    In my opinion, they really should mix in the bajilion pre-Gen V Pokemon from the very beginning of the game. I know it's supposed to be different region, different species but really now, we can't pretend like people have no idea of the other Pokemon species. It's not GSC anymore when for some reason people from Kanto thinks that Johto Pokemon are 'new' species which somehow came into existence within 2 years period.

    All the ranting aside, I found this little tidbit from bulbapedia

    The games will also feature a new place called the World Tournament where the player can battle all the Kanto Gym Leaders and Steven, the Champion of the Hoenn region.

    OK, so at first I was like 'cool' but then I realized...


    Ok since the timeline is

    Red/Blue/Green & Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald +3years => Gold/Silver/Crystal & Diamond/Pearl/Platinum +10years => Black and White +2years => Black and White 2

    That means everyone is about 15 years older! Since Red was about 11 at that time that means the Kanto Gym leaders would be around

    Brock = mid to late 20s Misty = mid to late 20s Lt. Surge= mid to late 30s Erika= late 20s to early 30s Koga= 50s or even 60s Sabrina= late 20s to early 30s Blaine= 70s or even 80s Giovanni = 50s or even 60s

    And Steven is probably around 30-40 years old

    OMG yes! I really want to see the aged characters! And if they happen to put 26-year-old Red and Blue there, that's like the ultimate fangasm!

  7. #261862012-05-17 00:32:46 *bleachedsnow said:

    Oh hell, we can fight Steven?! The coolest champion ever in my opinion at least. ? <3 I thought that all the games were kind of taking place at the same time though. Other than G/S/C being after R/B, and B/W2 being after B/W.

    @senkono And Pidove is freaking awesome.

  8. #300292012-06-17 15:57:53Xyopq said:

    @DarkChaplain THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! It was with a newly-hatched digimon and then Greymon laid siege. I had to sleep in the house for about 5 days till my digimon digivolved to champion (a really weak tyrannamon) and SPAMMED IT TO DEATH WITH SCRATCH!