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Which Anime Female Character Would You Bring to Life and Marry?

  1. #178882012-03-15 23:25:07judar said:

    I have a girl-crush on Shiro form Deadman Wonderland and also weirdly enough . . . Haruhi from Ouran . . .

  2. #178982012-03-15 23:48:24 *Yoshiya said:
    I've never had a character I considered a "waifu".

    Then Lilly came along.

    Marry me, loveliest fictional character.
  3. #193992012-03-23 10:14:37 *Xyopq said:

    Tsubaki Nakatsukasa http://www.absoluteanime.com/soul_eater/tsubaki[2].png

    Because she can like... Turn into a weapon and stuff and that'd be awesome.

    Edit: Are there any that give you super-powers when you have sex with them? I want her.

  4. #198382012-03-26 13:34:54shafnat said:

    WHOA SHE'S A BOY! (Or he is a girl?) i'd never thought i liked boy.. >.<
    I'll took Yuuko (his twin sister) then..
  5. #199622012-03-27 04:47:22my_emptyness said:

    from anime the best one is Kunieda Aoi from beelzebub. but one of my favorite is Asuna from sword art online. it's a light novel thou.

  6. #213452012-04-09 05:04:42Inasda said:

    If I had to choose, I'd choose Misaka Mikoto-to aru kagaku no railgun Nice Holystone- baccano or inori- guilty crown