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  1. Which Anime/Video Game Character has the best weapon and why??

    #180862012-03-16 18:27:11 *LimitBreaker said:

    Alright everyone, I'm new here, but since I've met some anime and Final Fantasy fans thought this would be a cool thread...

    SO! In your opinion, which anime or video game character, or any character you might want to post, has the coolest weapon, and tell us why? If the character makes the weapon cool, feel free to post too!

    Okay I'll start.... My three favourites are:

    Cloud - FFVII: Fusion sword - The Omnislash version 5 is too cool... Lightning - FFXIII: Blazefire Saber - Gun and sword in one, come on... Ichigo - Bleach: Zangetsu is awesome... and it talks too...

    Hope you like the thread!

    BREAKAH <3

  2. #181152012-03-16 22:53:25Yoshiya said:
    The drill that pierced far beyond the heavens.

    Reason? Why would I need a reason? Who the hell do you think he is?

  3. #181322012-03-17 00:09:08judar said:

    Insane BRS of course, she has a gun for an arm, a gun for an arm. A gun. For an arm. So cool.

    And and.

    Even though it's pink it can still kick ass.

  4. #181422012-03-17 04:37:44 *BurningButterfly said:
    So many to choose from but one of my favorites is Soul and Maka. Not only can Soul turn into a WiCkEd scythe, and play the piano ridiculously well, but witch and genie hunter forms are impressive too!
  5. #181722012-03-17 12:42:52Xyopq said:

    @Usagii Gun for an arm?

    Personally I'd pick this guys weapons:

    Invisible swords that you can control psychically and teleport to at will would be one of the most awesome things for me.

    The 4th Hokage has similar skills: Tried to get a video of him doing it but all I found were AMV's.

  6. #181802012-03-17 13:13:10judar said:

    @Xyopq Black Rock Shooter's Rock Cannon is prettier though ' w '

    Also, thought I'd throw in Lenalee's boots, even though I hate her, her boots are pretty cool.

  7. #182752012-03-18 10:45:47break said:

    in terms of coolness, practicability and well, usefulness, allen walker's crown clown is probably the best, what with beeing not only strong, but also a selective weapon, meaning the swordform only hurts akuma/dark matter and goes straight through anything unrelated to it, so at least tehres no risk of hurting your own people. or only a minimal risk of that.

  8. #183272012-03-18 20:54:18Eaves said:

    The game : The epic FFVIII

    The character : The amazing Squall Leonhart

    The weapon : Gunblade

    its a gun... its a blade... its a freaking GUN BLADE!!!

    what more could one want!

    Plus I really liked the idea of how gunblade users are rare, which is why the garden really wanted squall to become a SeeD.

  9. #184912012-03-19 07:31:27break said:

    @Eaves problem is just, the way gunblades were handled in FF8, they are really just swords with hilts shaped liek pistols (which must be REALLY impractical especially for cifer's model) that make funny little explosions if you "shoot", instead of, well, beeing a "short-ranged and long-ranged weaon in one" as the premise would be.. later Games use the idea better, by making actual gunblades that work liek the name suggests (Cervanted in Soul Calibur, one of his daggers has a gun in the hilt (its cool, though normally impossible due to recoil.. then again, he IS a zombie.) Weiss in FF7 DoC has two Katana's with guns in the hilts, which work like youd expect a gunblade to work too. so later fixed, but the original really is just a weirdly designed sword.)

  10. #188322012-03-20 15:57:05LimitBreaker said:

    @break I agree, as i mentioned earlier I much prefer the Gunblade Lightning uses in XIII - more original idea in my opinion....

    @Yoshiya completely forgot Gurren Lagann!! Don't know how though, definitely makes an awesome weapon...