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  1. Anime Fandub Parodies

    #181232012-03-16 23:12:17MonsterWeeaboo said:

    Hi, this is Trev's little sister. Is anyone interested in anime fandub parodies that keep you rolling on the floor with laughter? Here are a few that I've found to be funny and enjoyable.

  2. #1100362017-04-12 04:38:37 *EvoRulz said:

    that naruto abridged is my favorite parody show haha

    @Bayne recons this has better character development and plot that the original show... xD i just think it's hilarious

    this kinda sucks but what other series have you guys found i love this sort of thing

  3. #1106362017-05-21 04:10:31Bayne said:
    1. Better character development
    2. Better plot
    3. Funnier
    4. Better script writing
    5. Includes more video game themes (which the whole story is centered on, btw)
    6. Actually has a satisfying ending
    7. Characters are more imaginative and less cliche
    8. Sorry Evo, I hate the original
    9. Don Snuffles
    10. It's just an improvement, okay?
  4. #1106712017-05-23 01:04:32 *poke_dorks said:

    How is this legend not on here yet:

    Also for your gay swimmers fans:

    The SnK abridged series is pretty good:


  5. #1107242017-05-23 17:52:49Taro_Tanako said:

    Hmmm..well this is still one of my favourite parody/abridged series. Spot on with those characters. Also a bit NSFW cos of language.

    I'm sure JelloApocalypse also did a fun version of Baccano! too.