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  1. Is this a bad sign?

    #185732012-03-19 18:46:21Mau said:

    I'm starting to forget my cats are cats.

    I just told my cat that if she ever came at my hamburger again I'd snatch her weave up so fast her whiskers would spin.

    Do I have a problem? Is this a sign of worse things to come? Do you talk to your pets as if they understand anything coming out of your mouth?

  2. #185772012-03-19 18:56:35Momimochi said:

    Talking to your pets like as if they're humans... It's a very normal occurrence. Just remember to not act like that in front of people without pets. They will give you weird looks.

  3. #185782012-03-19 19:00:34Ecstasy said:

    I admit I've spoken to FF once.. It told me that it can't load the page and I said aloud "is that so hard?".. I spent the other 2 minutes trying to understand what the hell had happened.

  4. #186242012-03-19 23:01:01eterno said:

    Language is more than just speech. Sometimes your pets understand the patterns of the noises you make and start recognizing of what is it that you're trying to do the more time you spend with them.

    Of course they can't talk back. They're physically incapable to do so.

    But whether or not they understand you, they certainly do and you start to understand them too.

    This is how colonialism even worked in the first place, btw.

  5. #187472012-03-20 07:40:39eterno said:


    Applicable, of course. If the cat starts to understand you, you'll start to feel like it understands what you're saying. And the thing is, it does.

    So, you're not going mad. You're really expecting the cat to understand you because it totally does and whether you know it or not, the cat does understand you and your brain works it out that understanding = sapient which they totally are.

    I mean, I had my dog rolled his eyes and turned to me when my sister said to him "You're cute. It's a shame you can't think."


    Yeah... I'm gonna go with the mental illness thing.

  6. #193542012-03-23 03:01:06Inasda said:

    I may not have a cat, but I talk to my dog(acts like a cat) and sometimes speak for my dog. i think we all have a little crazy somewhere