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  1. Fetishes and Kinky shtuff

    #186902012-03-20 03:12:51 *InvisibleRainbow said:

    so uh.. list your fetishes and little kinky quirks you have here :] im trying to find more things im into but my mind just isnt being imaginative enough and google isnt helping explore my inner me so i thought maybe id get some ideas from others like me! :D

  2. #187112012-03-20 04:28:21 *Settsuo-kun said:

    We'll lets see... re-enacting a sex scene is always good. You both dress up and try your best to emulate that scene up until the sex of course. Sort of like role-play, but more of a mind game, and it's more sensual trying to put yourself in that sexual-tension hoping it's going to be as good as you want it.

    Some good oral, with a flavor lube works as well. Use fruity or savory flavors to change up the experience.

    A good public spot secluded or not works for some. I find public sex to be in my top ten of sexual acts. Produces a thrill unlike any other ecstasy+adrenaline is a killer combo. You don't have to be in the open, but in a public area where the chances of getting caught are present.

    A few ex-girlfriends of mine like bondage and dominatrix stuff... it didn't interest me much, but it had the opposite effect on them. Power drove them to say some insane stuff, sometimes it was hot others it was a "Whoa, bitch what?" reaction.

    Videotaping is pretty good. Weather it's just you, or both of you, or just some porn while having sex it could get pretty good.

    A threesome kind of spices things up, but someone's always left out, so be the hotter one for the best experience. If you'r not it ends up as being ignored or being support.

    Food-play, which is basically eating desserts (Ice cream, pie, delicate chocolates, etc) off the others body, not just the standard whip topping. Make their body a treat.

    Using toys are a nice way to get some closet satisfaction if the other isn't as sensual as you'd like it to be. It can be used both way's so experiment with your partner to find the right fit.

    I know this one girl who get's off on arguing. She does it just for the rough make up sex afterward.

    Buy a fitness ball... trust me.

    Positions, positions, positions. Look up a wide variety of positions and try them out.

    These are a few which I explored when I was younger, and will probably explore a lot more in the future. Luckily I attract partners who like exploring as well. Hope this helps, somewhat.

  3. #187172012-03-20 05:03:45JacquesTheZombie said:

    If your a girl I know that I personally find it sexy when a girl sometimes dresses up as a character from a favorite Anime, Manga, or Video Game. On Christmas you could wrap yourself up in a dress with wrapping paper and put a bow on and wait by the tree for your lover.(personal idea I want a girl to do to me) Obviously if your a guy you probably don't want to wear a dress so try something else but the cosplay could still work as long as you could convince your partner. Sometimes it helps to do a little Role-Playing to. I would tell you a couple more but I want to keep some of my personal thoughts for myself.

  4. #188052012-03-20 13:59:26Cideomni said:

    Most important thing still not mentioned, eyes. Most people continue to have such an emotionless face while having sex, it's almost gross, and besides many people don't look into each others eyes while doing it. That seriously makes a huge difference.

    And yes, for men, suits! Always completely change the appearance.

  5. #188132012-03-20 14:25:20halcy said:

    I'd rather not start listing, but...

    ... I'm fairly M, so all that goes along with that.


  6. #191892012-03-22 10:08:41Sushi said:

    protip: "suits" is not a fetish and it's definitely not kinky either.

    Might as well change thread title to "what kind of clothes do you find attractive".

  7. #192882012-03-22 18:28:02Cideomni said:

    @Sushi Well, google just told me that "Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or from a specific situation. [...] A sexual fetish may be regarded as an enhancing element to a romantic/sexual relationship "achieved in ordinary ways (e.g. having the partner wear a particular garment)"[...]" According to that, i definitely have a suit-fetish.

    @Ecstasy Signed. As long as it's not too much (like 50 facial piercings) that's just sexy as hell.

  8. #194022012-03-23 10:57:50InvisibleRainbow said:

    I have a kemonomimi fetish soooo badddly x-x like.. you dont even know xD I want my boyfriend to wear a tail and ears at all times but I just have to find the right pair ;] cuz sadly we dont grow them :( LOL
    slight s&m as well as bondage x]

    but i was expecting weirder things from you guys!! xD is no one on here truly messed up and have a fetish they'd like to share? ;] i want some weird ideas x]