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  1. Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

    #187392012-03-20 06:20:54 *someone said:

    Post recent online purchases you've made, or stuff that's arrived in the mail from said puchases. Don't forget to take pictures!

    These patches arrived in the mail within the last few days or so:

  2. #187402012-03-20 06:41:28NightLight said:
    1. 50 lb adjustable
    2. decline/incline/military press bench
    3. 80 lb heavy bag
    4. jump rope with swivels
    5. yurbuds ironman headphones
    6. striking gloves
    7. hand wraps
    8. beats by dre tour (gift)

      that's all the things that arrived on friday arrived in the past week

  3. #187502012-03-20 07:56:45break said:

    A Modern Eyepatch. because i like eyepatches.

    also a tin of red paint, a tin of flesh paint and a Resin Garage Kit of Shana, which i plan to paint and assemble together with my older sister, who likes to do art-stuff just like me and who, while not beeign an animefan, at leats likes to look my anime-figures under the skirts.

  4. #187692012-03-20 10:32:34PureBoredom said:

    I got this snug Sepulchritude Hoodie a while back. I... Was rather disappointed to see it was not really like this, but was more green. So green that I can't even think of ways of how this jacket can not look green, unless its dark, then it looks black. But does that really count? I don't think so .__.

  5. #187702012-03-20 10:40:49AkiraSaki said:

    I just got my (really) early birthday present from @Toasters, it's a Kodak picture book full of screenshots/pictures of us derping on skype, chat, tinychat, etc. Tis wonderful.

  6. #188262012-03-20 15:37:08 *Zechs said:

    Bought this shirt, arrives later this week.,navy,mens,ffffff.jpg

    Got this too, hasn't shipped yet thought,white,shortsleeve_one_piece,ffffff.jpg

    This comes at the beginning of April

    I'll edit and add some of the stuff I've bought online tomorrow :P

    Edit 1: found an old picture of one of the things I got :D more soon

  7. #190332012-03-21 17:56:18Momimochi said:

    And I finally got to physically touch my orders: Legend of the Sun Knight vol 7 (because my local bookstore had every other volume BUT this one) and Vocaloid Pixiv artbook (with BRS special): BRS, BECAUSE:

  8. #208932012-04-04 16:41:24judar said:


    I was going to order the Law of X artbook and Shilin's Carciphona but I am too poor . . . .

    But I found enough money to buy these as soon as the summer started, derp. Just waiting for the rest of the year to pass so I can wear them orz

  9. #209972012-04-05 15:09:29Keri said:

    @Usagii Those boots are mega-cute and I did exactly the same thing ;w;. Bought some awesome Winterish boots just before the weather decided to laugh in my face. It is getting colder again though, so you might get a chance to bust em out yet.

  10. #210042012-04-05 17:00:17judar said:

    @Keri Fluffy boots are the best as long as they're not Uggs! /highfive/ The weather is my enemy so I hope that we have colder-ish weather orz.

    I think I just jinxed it ; - ;