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Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

  1. #775682014-06-05 05:43:18 *Penthus said:


    Swans "Teeth" T-shirt. Although Filth isn't my favorite album by them, I found this shirt the most appealing when looking through their merch.

  2. #848292014-11-27 13:16:25 *Lieutenant said:


    RWBY Beacon uniform. The picture is sent from the tailor btw, but yeah. High quality.

    (the costume has a little flaw, which can be seen obviously on the skirt, but that I can fix it myself)

  3. #895352015-05-07 05:09:19The1Danae said:

    I just finally reached a 00 gauge for my ears.. soo I bought a bunch of plugs today! I shall post pics when they arrive!