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Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

  1. #1012892016-04-14 09:36:20Lieutenant said:

    I've only posted on this thread once but here's another. This Officer's Sword came in today. Sorry, bad picture. Crappy camera. It's beautiful and it's heavy.

  2. #1077572016-10-26 17:09:17Lieutenant said:

    @Kirn made this cute apron and sent it to me for my belated birthday

    Seriously I can't stop swooning over it, for hand-sewn, it's pretty good and I love it! Thank you so much! I'll definitely use it! You're the best, I love you

    you guys are cool if you know what's this from, but yeah

  3. #1087442017-01-10 23:18:45Inia said:

    I don't have pics, and I don't think I need pics. As an adult, I have a grandma who still sends me money via snail mail in some form. Bless her sweet heart. She's probably the only extended fam who sends me the most useful gifts.

  4. #1090422017-02-05 05:50:58--Jack-- said:

    Lets see, a lot has come in the mail... Firstly the salmon pillows, a relative was clueless about what to get me as a gift so I told them about these, they come with a fish and the fillet (they arrived about a month late):

    Also I was told about a free shipping day for society6 so I got mugs for me and my girlfriend:,w_550/coffee-mugs/large/right/greybg/~artwork/s6-0030/a/14445663_12888719/~~/earthbound-town-mugs.jpg,w_550/coffee-mugs/large/right/greybg/~artwork/s6-original-art-uploads/society6/uploads/misc/24e68080d12c493c9a8b9e6bbd6427f0/~~/puglie-salmon-sushi-mugs.jpg

  5. #1090732017-02-09 02:12:28Kinnear said:

    While only the filter came in recently (Last week), I got the mic and arm around Christmas and didn't post them, so I'ma share them now. xD Pretty damn happy with them.