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  1. What do you dream?

    #188892012-03-21 00:23:47eterno said:

    I heard that everyone's dreams are different. I heard that some are random, magical, some dream of wish fullfillment, etc.

    But is it true? I know I get confused when people say dreams are random because my dreams aren't quite random. My dreams are always some kind of a 'three-act structure' with a beginning, middle, and the end and sometimes, even character development. And they all make sense to a certain degree.

    So yeah, what do you dream?

  2. #189102012-03-21 01:04:43megumi-tan said:

    i had a dream kyubey came out my dogs mouth and asked me if i wanted to be a magic girl and i said yes and then he gave me a cookie and i turned me into a small cat. then this homeless dude came into my room from the window and was trying to step on me with his feet. then i woke up and made sure my window was shut.

  3. #189202012-03-21 02:21:04TalTal said:

    I always have flying dreams. It's pretty awesome. Until I have use my flying powers to run for MIB who want to do tests on me.

    That is literally every dream I have.

  4. #189442012-03-21 03:52:49 *SlantDuffy said:

    Last night I dreamed that I was waiting outside of a house for someone because I left my bag in his car. Once he arrived, I searched the car. No bag. It wasn't in the car, another person had brought it into the house.

    Now that I think about it, the house in the dream strongly resembles the one belonging to one of my exes, but that particular ex was not in my dream.

    Then (same night, separate dream), I am walking out of my garage and onto the street toward a large icecream truck. I climb to the roof and I peer inside. There are people inside sitting on folding chairs listening to someone give a powerpoint presentation about knives.

  5. #189592012-03-21 06:28:20Ecstasy said:

    I'm having this weird dream from time to time that my piercings are falling out.. All my dreams usually take place in my native town though I don't live there anymore. for 7 years already.

  6. #189642012-03-21 06:55:59Ethereal said:

    I get this weird dream often where I'm back with my high school friends, and always end going to all these crazy places, like other countries and such. But in the end, no matter how great of a time we all have we always end up dying some crazy way @_@ Always different way, too.

  7. #191072012-03-22 01:10:47Maryam said:

    Last night I had one of the longest dreams ever. But i shall only tell the part about @Guardian3 .

    It was at some historical landmark with ruins and whatnot. (We have a shitty conversation and he calls me fat.) It suddenly becomes pitch black. Guard starts shouting commands at us (I have no idea who "us" is).

    He says things such as, "DON'T LET IT BITE YOU! IT'S RABID!" and "IF IT BITES YOU...THERE'S NOTHING MORE I CAN DO!" His voice echoes in my mind and feels distant. It is the only thing I can hear..or sense.

    I hear a gate jingle and creak open. I hear low growling near me. I dash to the gate, thinking IT is behind me. Fucking dogs. I can't move. My arm is caught in something. I feel along the length of my arm to find it caught in the teeth of a large canine. Fucking dogs.

    The teeth dont pierce my skin. I wrestle with the dog and manage to unclench its teeth. IN THE DARK!

    Fuck dogs.

  8. #193412012-03-23 01:48:59sl350 said:

    I had a dream i was jumped by like ten midgets and was then arrested for tossing them. i mean come on there were ten of them! I call dream injustice

  9. #193462012-03-23 02:28:14Trev said:

    @Ecstasy: Dreams where teeth are falling out are the most common. Maybe since you have so many piercings, it's triggered by the same thing?

  10. #193622012-03-23 03:15:19AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I been having the same dream for a little over a week now. Its about spiders being thrown at me from all directions. I wake up feeling tired, and scared.

  11. #193662012-03-23 03:28:48Inasda said:

    my dreams depend

    1-recent one was getting a flute for my birthday. BUT i my birthday was weeks ago and i never wanted a flute.

    2-i dream of an epic story. in the end, most cases i end up having detached or nearly detached limbs (which hurts like hell) and in the arms of the girls i love (i always feel happy even though i did that event.) I wake up to only be an idiot and go back to sleep and experience the pain agian

    3-Jumbled memories of my life converge

    thats the 3 main dreams i get

  12. #193772012-03-23 06:06:01Ecstasy said:

    @Trev I thinks it's because the society of my country doesn't tolerate many things, including people who look a bit unusual. And because people have working dress code (in any country I guess) and I don't really want to stick to these rules...

  13. #194072012-03-23 12:29:45Cloud-VK said:

    one weird thing about me whenever I meet a new girl it could be a stranger or someone who has never talked to me I will have a dream about them the same night and theres a problem with that I forget the scientific term for it but I have this dissorder they call it that allows me to be awake in my own dream its realy weird but it makes the dream harder because I know im in a dream and I can controll the outcome but I dont like to play with images brought to life by my imaginenation because when the dream is over the fun goes away .....back to the RL

  14. #196632012-03-25 00:15:49 *SlantDuffy said:

    I have dreams where I occasionally learned things, such as the one I had last night.

    It started off as a normal dream. One I couldn't discern from reality. I drove to the mall with my girlfriend. We took a long time to find parking. We were walking the mall looking for things to buy for her. Then for some reason there were zombies everywhere. The only weapon I had was a stabbing knife.

    So I tried stabbing zombies in the head. The first few I tried stabbing was in the forehead or cranium. They got pissed. They bled none-the-less.

    Then they stopped fighting me to explain that the softest part of the head accessible from the front was the temple or from either eye. From behind: right above the neck, right at the hair line. Best done at an upward angle to damage the brain.

    Then they went a step further and said it's easier if I pushed them against a wall or the floor and drove my knife into their heads using the wall or floor as a great backing.

    Weird lesson, but it makes sense.

    EDIT: Additionally: the zombies were walking me through each lesson. I.e. they would grab my hand and tell me what the fuck to do. The ones that talked spoke to me in my own physical voice.

  15. #208462012-04-04 07:07:15shafnat said:

    Wew, i dreamed thecolorless meeting in my town.. and every person i met is in anime form. but then, all the world changed into my bedroom and i was awaken..