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What do you dream?

  1. #651972013-11-01 07:03:13Kip said:

    i have the same dreams of my life being rainbows and sunshine for quite some time, but then by the end i end up murdering somebody who i'm mad at.

    usually by strangling them.

  2. #653432013-11-03 09:03:39 *Vaizel said:

    Since my childhood I often dream of bizarre things, mostly death related. Now, I rarely dream of it like once or twice every month, and I'm getting used to it. What's more strange is, I appear as an another individual in my dream.

  3. #653442013-11-03 10:12:54Ecstasy said:

    This night I had a dream that I was given a mechanical squirrel. And it was running around and I couldn't catch it first. When I finally had it, I had to pet it once in a while (it was really fluffy and pettable) - otherwise it'd try to escape. But then I went out with @Trisak and the squirrel was capable of fucking ordering food and paying the bill and probably had more functions than my PC... ?.. ?.. ...

  4. #653452013-11-03 10:20:54Kirn said:

    @Ecstasy you had it good. Today I had a dream where I was a goddamn high-school student, just doing my studies and other things, and then I suddenly got stuck in some fucking shonen manga scenario. Some girl from other world suddenly appeared and spirited me and my high-school girlfriend away to participate in some inter-world semi-magical tournament. And other participants were fucking bizzare, one of them had a giant hairbrush for a weapon, which, as announcer said, he took from some museum.
    And the whole dream was long like I don't know what. I swear, I watched it for at least an hour, and we didn't even get past the introduction stage of the story.

  5. #654062013-11-04 07:09:57 *Inasda said:

    Guess my dreams have changed over the years

    1 -Suicide and self sacrificing dreams (guess its still the same as last year)
    2 -Deja vu dreams where i do see things happen later after my dream
    3 -Apocalyptic dreams where i seem to always fuck up at somepoint

  6. #654552013-11-04 22:43:31Alex_ said:

    What to say, what to say Well, when I was a young boy, most of my dreams were actually nightmares, every, single, night I remembered absolutely every detail about those dreams, but whenever i had a normal dream, I'd just forget it as soon as I woke up:

    The most occuring ones were: 1) when I was with my sister in a cottage, and a strange old couple let us sleep over, and while we were sleeping, the fuckers turned evil and tried to kill us, as we ran through the forest we kept running into searching parties everywhere, once we made it out of the woods alive, I had a strange feeling that It's not over, and when I looked up, what did I see? A woman in a bloody ripped wedding dress with her face torn apart holding a shotgun and looking directly at us, and as soon as I make eye contact I wake up

    I have never watched "wrong turn", but shit like this just popped up in my head one night

    2) this one has awesome ending. The village(again) which I was walking through seemed innocent enough and safe because everyone was smiling at us and bidding us a worm welcome when we passed through, but once we decided to leave the village, they turn into fucking cannibals and start ripping apart a dude in front of us, but, wait, what's next? They decide not to eat us raw so they don't spoil their stomach so they make a dude wash us with soap and shave our entire bodies, and if that wasn't enough, they all looked at us and licked their lips in excitement. We had one chance of survival, so we beat the shit out of the soap dude and slit his throat, fortunately he had a gun, but only 3 bullets, we didn't know that, so a dude who was holding the pistol managed to kill two fuckers and missed once before his face was eaten we were ready to be devoured as well, just as all hope was lost, we suddenly saw a spark of hope when one of the villagers got brutally shot in the face, it was motherfucking Roland of Gilead, from Stephen King's dark tower series, he saves the day and rides into the sunset

    Those two are I guess most disturbing dreams that I've dreamt, there are more brutal ones, but these seemed so real that I forgot I was dreaming

  7. #654682013-11-05 03:07:01PureCarnage said:

    Well I've been having mainly nightmares now. I am a lucid dreamer but for some reason I can't lucid dream anymore, but I can still feel pain and other things in my dreams so my nightmares are far worse.

    In one of these nightmares I was in a black room with all of these people I knew. At first it seemed like a normal dream until they started twitching uncontrollably and their eyes went hollow. Then they started attacking me, stabbing me, skinning me, punching me, and such. When they were finished I was bleeding and some of my limbs were missing. As they were starting to walk away I suddenly got this huge surge of voices in my head and visions, and suddenly found myself back on my feet. As I was standing I found that I had no control at all, but instead was watching from outside, and saw that my new limbs were formed from what looked like just blood and bone mass and I was wearing a mask of sorts. Then I saw myself attack them all, ripping them apart, using their blades on themselves, and even went cannibalistic on the last two. As I finished I saw a familiar mask figure, and then went back to myself but was falling into black water and then I woke up.

  8. #655052013-11-06 00:50:30 *cj3366 said:

    Well i had a dream i was some sort of profit or something who forgot who i was, but helped people find forgiveness for past wrong doings. but then some guy helps me remember who i am and i'm a horibal person so i decide to go to some place to pay for what i did. But on my way there (traveling throu the desert) i see some sort of military officers trying to get people away from a storm (sand tornado) so they tell me to get away from it, but i feel really bad about whatever i did(i can't remember that part of the dream) so i run at the tornado but it pushes me back and i almost get hit with a barrel which scares the crap out of me but i look at the tornado and it's getting smaller i know if i don't run into it now it'll disappear so i run at it and it sucks me in i feel some sort of plesure for like half a sec when i close my eye's then i hear a loud crunch(my legs getting slashed away by stuff the tornado picked up) then i close my eye's really tight i hear more crunching i wait for the pain to come for a long time then i slowly open my eye's, there is only darkness, shortly after if hits me "i'm dead" so i wait for a bit drifting weightless in true darkness. Then the really scary part hits me, this can't go on forever i'm gonna go to either heaven or hell and i basiclly took my own life so i start to get scared and beg god "please please don't send me to hell i beg you god anything but hell you can make me none existant but don't send me to hell" i can feel something is about to happen, then a big glowing mouth appears in the darkness and says "granted" then like an old tv going out the mouth leaves and i pass out. I wake up in darkness laying on something soft, i'm still grogy but i notice whatever i'm laying on is swaying then i notice there's a light like under a door across the room i stand on wood floors which feel nice sence i was expecting literally nothingness. Then i walk forward on the swaying wood floors to what i assume is a door then i open it a splash of light hits my face i realize after my eye's adjust that i'm on a boat(a pretty big one too not commercial sized but still big) i walk for the front of the boat and see some one dealing with the sails. they look back at me and say "oh hey brother your awake" he stands from his nealing position and walks in my direction. i do the same.then i woke up.

  9. #655072013-11-06 01:38:31 *cj3366 said:

    had to stop half way(time ran out on com) but i'm back and it's finished. weird thing is i felt really good after i woke up from this dream/nightmare. i usually feel like crap after these type of dreams.

  10. #660952013-11-12 03:03:08Retof said:

    I had a dream the I was being chased by a crocodile. Got into the car, and drove off only for it to have magically teleported to the back seat.

    My dreams never relate to each other. They are always completely different.

  11. #660972013-11-12 04:58:50Rune said:

    Last night, I had a dream about going to a shopping mall (that doesn't exist IRL) and found myself under one of those indoor bridges. Well, guess what?

    Nope, it didn't collapse. Rather, it got overflown with people and the guard rail broke down and it was literally raining men! (and women, and babies, etc.). Naturally, I had to dodge those people, which I did, but since the bridge wasn't that high up, many of them actually survived and got up and started wandering around aimlessly.

    But then, another point of the bridge also broke down in the same way, which was a little further away from me so I didn't have to dodge it but man, the smell of blood in the air really made me feel awful when I inevitably woke up. I did feel energized because I had a not too long, not too short sleep but because of the dream, I woke up a bit dizzy.

    Anyway, that wasn't the whole dream but the rest was just a regular 'shopping day' dream with little to no excitement. Well, beside the fact that the whole dream was in English despite everybody in it shouldn't be speaking it because it was obviously not set in an English-speaking place.

    How do I know this? all the writings weren't in English. This made ordering fast food 'difficult' because the menu wasn't in English yet if I didn't translate the menu, the cashier wouldn't understand it. Yeah, in my dream logic, people write everything probably just to be fancy and foreign lol.

    That said, there are other parts of the dream where people were speaking English however I couldn't understand them. It seems that what was really happening was that people in the dream were all speaking different languages but for 'the audience's' convenience, everything was translated into English. It was almost like a... Translation Convention from the point of view of the characters.

  12. #662632013-11-16 19:32:08Rune said:

    Hey, I had another weird dream.

    This one is actually really short. Here's what it was:

    It was raining lightly and there was a cameraman, carrying a huge camera. He was standing next to a car and he had his head and camera inside the car, filming somebody inside. Then, after a brief moment, the man's arm reached into the car and dragged out this boy... threw him into the ground, threw the camera on him, and then kicked him to death.

    The whole thing also looked like it was recorded with a crappy cell phone camera as if it was some sort of video from LiveLeak or something.

  13. #669382013-12-06 07:21:01 *Rune said:

    Woah, i fell asleep just now and I had what seemed to be a good night's sleep; only to find that I slept at 9:25 and it's now 10:32.

    Anyway, I had a dream...

    It was a bit weird... I seemed to have been in Abstergo or something (that Assassin's Creed Templar company) and I was testing their new games and stuff. I didn't get into Animus or anything, but rather, there was this huge building where you get to run up to the top and defeat the boss there. I played for a couple times, I think... then I discovered this injured tiger that they kept in the cage and we became best friends.

    Then the dream Life of Pi-ed on me, and I began bringing the tiger around the studio (which turned out to be as big as Universal Studios). I became known as 'Tiger Boy' and I suddenly realized that I was probably a 8-12 years old English kid in the dream because everybody was towering over me! (and many of these people were all my family member so I knew what their heights should be in relation to mine). And yes, 'English' kid because everybody in my family started speaking in a more English English and they also somehow look more English-y to me...

    But what's even more amazing, I got to look at my reflection in this dream once! There, I didn't see myself, I saw a young blond English boy in a Conan-esque suit! Even with the bowtie and everything!

    In case you didn'[t know what I'm talking about, it's this:


    Anyway, I digressed...

    So, I befriended a tiger and I gave him an English name (which I unfortunately have forgotten) just like in Life of Pi. However, rather than being some kid in an ocean trying to get into Canada, I became a kid who was really THIRSTY (because I'm dehydrated IRL). So I embarked on a quest for water in Abstergo studios and boy, THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TAP! Only coke machines...

    Because of this, I decided to take my English-named tiger (let's call him Sparky for now) on an ADVENTUUUURE! on Abstergo studios where I was going over obstacles and killing a bunch of feral dogs! Seriously, Sparky's maul was the awesomest thing ever! He would pounch on some dogs, stood up! (yes, on his hind legs!) and lodged the dogs heads in between his mouth and ripped it off with his paw!

    Anyway, Sparky didn't actually accept me as his new friend immediately. One time, I was terrified when I actually got stuck on a raft in a flooded studio and I had to sleep on his belly (and I could feel his umm... y'know). Also, every Abstergo employee I came across never once tried to rescue me or anything because they figured that the tiger 'heeded' my orders and I was actually not being being followed involuntarily (yeah, right). But just like in Life of Pi, we began to grew as partners and stuff!

    Of course, there were times when I actually got bitten in the arm by Sparky a bunch of times. There I realized why he had to kill dogs his way: he was toothless and clawless. Of course, that didn't mean he couldn't not do what he did to the dogs to me.

    Finally, we reached the Holy Grail we (well, actually I... I didn't know what Sparky wanted) had been looking for! A slushie machine in the laundromant! So, the thirsty young English kid finally took a cup and tried to grab a drink only to find, yet again, that he was too short to reach the water option...

    So, by this time, Sparky went 'fuck this' and for once in the dream, I finally called him 'Richard Parker' (probably acknowledging the Life of Pi). He then jumped from the window, and that was the last time I saw Richard 'Sparky' Parker ;_;

    But screw that! I WAS THIRSTY! So, anyway, to get my water, I had a plan: spend as much money as possible on the bottom option so that it'd run out and dispense water instead! BRILLIANT!

    So, I was also apparently, still a rich kid, and I got a bottomless pocket of change. I began dispensing as much of this blue slushie as possible. BIG MISTAKE, there was a warning that doing so, might cause slushie-valance and that was what happened!

    So, i flooded the laundromat (ruining everyone's laundry) but I was saved by the warden of the place. He then asked me why I ruined the slushie machine and I told him the whole story with the tiger (lol, so much Life of Pi). He then snarkly asked in the end:

    "Wasn't it just because you couldn't reach the water option --" he said in his English accent.

    "NO WAY, IT WAS DEFINITELY TIGERS AND S#!T!" I interrupted him.

    Oh yeah, in the ending, I realized I actually had a family in this dream!. They began to hug me and stuff though Idk why (now that I'm awake, I figured they must have been glad I survived the slushy-valance). Then, my grandpa hugged me and on the back of my mind, I thought that he wouldn't live for long...

    Again, he's already died IRL so it was a bit of a sad moment when I woke up because I thought then "Wouldn't live long? He died last year!" and I was a bit pissed at the blond English boy me...

    And I finally got my reward in all of this: a glass of water

    Then I woke up to find out I'm still thirsty as fuck but instead I decided to write this...

    brb getting drink

  14. #669392013-12-06 07:58:26Rinneko said:

    I've noticed that most of the dreams shared in this threads are nightmares. Nightmares always seem to be more memorable in comparison to good dreams. :x

    One dream I've had that has really stuck with me for a long time is this: I'm standing a distance away from a park. It's a normal park with swings, see-saws and sand pits. A hopscotch has been drawn in white chalk on the dusty cemented floor. There's a young child standing near it, head bowed and crying. In worry, I step a little closer. Suddenly, the white chalk lines glow red, like blood is spreading through it. I'm reminded of a magic circle at this point. Subsequently, the child looks up at me with a devastated look and smiles manically before dissipating in to ashes.

    I've not seen anything similar to this, and have no idea what it means. Then again, maybe I've been watching too much anime.


  15. #823952014-09-14 10:43:16 *AshitoKenji said:

    Well, when I was younger I used to have this reoccurring dream (well, more like nightmare) where I'd wake up in the middle of the night, terrified of nothing in particular. I'd get up from my room and run through the hallway, trying to get to my parents' room. But just as I passed the bathroom door, Big Bird came out and started brutally stabbing me... :)

  16. #824692014-09-16 14:48:21xiaden said:

    hmm. lets see. I dream of way too many different things. Last night, I drempt I had a mechanical squirrel, that had to be taken care of properly, otherwise it went ballistic and started killing people I knew... But if you took care of it properly, then it'd pretty much make everything in your life go right.

    Last night I had a dream where I was a dog, inside of a huge booby trapped labyrinth, because I had tried to do something good against some sort of evil organization. It was painful and not a very fun time at first, but still an adventure, and once I had figured out the general flow of the traps, I had a lot of fun.

    The night before that, I drept that a VR game came out on a stadalone headset, kinda like SAO. but by putting the headset on, you were taken to the games world, instead of being trapped in some sort of VR. there was a lot of exploring to do, and I ended up being selected to dive into an underwater ruin. When we got there, the underwater ruins looked a lot like war remains from this world, save with huge monsters running around. In the end, I was split up from the main group, and ended up in the basement of some house. I'd been pretty easily decimating everything up to this point, but when I entered the basement, I ran into a rather human looking monster called "lord". It used two whips that did like 0 damage. I ended up taking the whips, and then they had transformed into actual weapons, capable of doing a metric butt-load of damage. so I swung them at the enemy, but the enemy just grabbed them, and pulled me REALLY close, then stuck it's hands straight into my stomach and chest. It hurt. A lot. And I woke up instantly. And it still hurt. A lot. Which scared the shit out of me.

  17. #824702014-09-16 15:16:08Kuro-tan said:

    I had a dream last night where I was a member of a gang that took pleasure in pranking others and making art with their bodies.

    The dream was set in first person perspective and like all of my other lucid dreams, this one was weird as fuck.

    One of the gang members started trying to make out with me while one of the other gang members tied me up and told me to spray paint someone face yellow.

    I painted the victim's face yellow and then the victim said;

    "Marlene (My E.A) is sick."

    The dream pretty much predicted that my E.A was gonna stay home sick today.

    Actually, a lot of my dreams have someone say an accurate prediction in the end. The fuck???

  18. #830542014-09-29 16:17:15 *Lieutenant said:

    Here was a dream I had back in 2008, one of the dream I remember the most.

    It was a cold day, cold foggy day and I was alone. And I was looking up, to a building, a very old building. I don't know why, but I had to get to the top floor; the 8th floor.

    In that dream, I had superpowers. I rushed in the old building and climbed a ladder. I climbed it with ease and full speed.

    Suddenly, there were these guys chasing me. They seemed to be in a group. So I went on and speed up. I hoped they'll lost me.

    When I looked back under the ladder, the bad guys were being taken care of by my friends. It's weird that my friends suddenly appeared to save me. Like: how do they know I was there and so on. So it's like my friends versus the bad guys. They screamed to me, they told me to go on, I nodded and moved on.

    When I arrived to the surface, I moved silently like shadows, trying to find another ladder or stairs to go up. I searched everywhere. Finally, I saw a flight of stairs (not a ladder anymore) going up. Maybe that's the way to the 8th floor.

    Suddenly, a movement caught my eyes. I stopped and hide behind a wall nearby.

    A bunch of people appeared from the stairs. Shocked seized me. It was them, the bad guys again, but this time they were with my friends, seizing them. Impossible. How can my friends lost with them? The bad guys were like 10 or 15 people only, but my friends were like 30 or more. (that's a lot of people in a dream but whatever). The bad guys dragged my friends up the stairs once more, they are going to the 8th floor!

    But I waited. Until 15 minutes later...

    Suddenly, I heard them. It was my friends, screaming to the top of their voices. From their screaming, I know. They were being tortured by the bad guys! How could they do that to my friends!

    I have to save them! NOW!

    My body moved without my brain commanding them. It moved with full speed. But something was wrong. Totally wrong.

    As soon as I stepped my foot on the stairs, a vortex appeared in front of me and I was too late to stop. I fell in. Not just fell in. I fell out of the building and fell down to the ground. Weird. I didn't die. Maybe because I had the monstrous powers. I delayed the thinking. I got up and looked up the building again. I don't want to start once again like a snake game or some kind.

    So I made up my mind. With my powers, I can do anything, right? What I do next is I climbed the wall. Just like all those parkour kids do. When they found something to hold on the wall like a cracked rocks or windows or anything, they just go on and grabbed it. With all their might, they climbed up a building. That was a same thing I tried to do. Luckily I had these powers, I climbed with ease.

    Suddenly, something pulled my leg. Something. Or someone. I looked down and I saw those bad guys again, one of them pulled my leg. They were climbing the walls too! Impossible! I didn't know they had superpowers like me! The guy who pulled my leg smirked. He pulled my leg easily that I fell down again to the ground, what a power!

    The second-time-falling was unpleasant. My head hit the ground and I felt dizzy a bit. I blinked twice when I realized the bad guys where all around me. When I was fully conscious, I jumped from the ground and changed gazes with the guys. I did my stance. They did the same.

    Without anymore of delaying, we all, began to fought. It was like in a movie or something. Except that I lost the battle. Yes, I lost. There were too many of them; with superpowers like me. No wonder my friends lost to them, they don't have any powers like me or the bad guys. I know I lost to them, but they were not done yet. They kicked me several times even though I was lying on the ground like a corpse. Worse than that. They broke my arm and leg.

    I screamed in pain. Screamed on top of my voice. They went on by insulting me with whatever words they have there. I don't know how much time has passed. They left shortly after that. Leaving me there. Lying. Dying. Bleeding.

    My injuries was so painful that I cried. I can still heard my friends' screaming up there. I tried to looked up to the 8th floor, wondering what happened to my friends since my position was lying, facing up. Maybe they're dead already, who knows.

    Wait. I can see something up there. The first thing I saw: Blood. It was everywhere on that place. Creepy. The second thing I saw: my friends. There were my friends. Struggling to escape from the bad guys but they failed again and again. The bad guys keep torturing them like a rag doll.

    The third thing I noticed was that their eyes. They all shut their eyes tightly and there's too much blood, coming out of their eyes. However, they were still struggling although they can no longer have their sight. It was the most horrifying things I've ever seen in my whole life; the scene of my friends being tortured, their eyes were off their heads.

    It's unforgivable. I continued crying, about my pain and their pain. I can't bear to see anymore. I ran away from the place, since my leg and arm were broken, I could only crawl. I'm sorry my friend. I've betrayed you all. I'm a coward of leaving you all there, and being the only survivor, being selfish and left you all to die in such place.

    I still heard their screaming, calling out for my names when I get out from that place. All I do was that I closed my ears and apologize for so many times. I felt guilty for betraying my friends. And from what I know..

    I've no idea what's on the 8th floor for real.

  19. #830652014-09-30 03:50:55Farris said:

    One of my dreams I can't forget: I dreamt I was sitting in my house on my knees. My hands and my feet were tied up, and a black snake moved against me. I couldn't move at all, and I was afraid. Then the snake jumped to attack my face, I opened my mouth and crushed its head with my teeth. Poison flowed into my mouth, and I tried to spit it out. I was no longer tied. I then woke up.