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What do you dream?

  1. #1137512018-04-16 17:54:17PigeonSpider said:

    Dreamt that I was in a really white spacious room surrounded by a lot of people. I had to look at them twice to recognize who they were. The first look was blurry and practically nothing, the second look made me realize. The people that were closest to me stood nearest to me. I started wandering through the crowd to find who everyone else was but I woke up.

  2. #1137772018-04-21 11:34:00EvoRulz said:

    Was in a university library that was lit only by computer screens, and as normal i headed toward the back out of sight of the entrance for a comfy place to go about my work... but where i thought the library back wall might be it just kept going, the library was four times the size i would have thought and the ceiling was quite low. the floors were carpeted and most of the space in the room was taken up by shelves. If i was claustrophobic it wouldnt be nice but I found it really cozy.