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What do you dream?

  1. #217482012-04-12 12:20:09Cloud-VK said:

    When I was little I had a dream were the goverment came a killed my new friends and I could not save them even though I tried and begged for mercy but did not recevieve but everyone saw it as justifyied and because of this dream I dont trust the govrnment

  2. #613552013-07-23 12:17:06 *Cloud-VK said:

    I'm starting to have a new reoccurring dream, It's been going on every night for a week in a half now, but I was having this same dream a few months ago and it was a long chain of dreams before. But it's never the same thing the only reason that I say it's reoccurring is because of the character that appears in every dream. It's this blond haired girl who according to her insists that I know her (but no matter what she won't give up her name) and In every dream we just strike up a different conversation, it's never the same one and then at the end she just says that she's has to go home and then say's that she will see me later and she hugs me then just grins and walks off. Now when I go to sleep it's always a 100% chance that she appears. It's really messing with me, because the more that I think about it the more that I think that I have met her before.

  3. #613572013-07-23 12:46:19Dec said:

    The night before while I was staying over at my friends I had a dream where I had killed three catholic boys that were their at her 18th birthday party... It was surprisingly disturbing not because of the amount of gore I had dreamed up but how my friend (a very religious and sweet girl) was the one being the most brutal to these catholics while laughing maniacally. The dream ended with us making them into a cake which we fed to our youth leader and siblings.

  4. #613592013-07-23 12:49:21 *Cenica said:

    That dream sounds crazy. In the dream did it seem perfectly normal to be murdering catholic boys? (That's one weird thing about dreams is completely freaky events don't illicit the same response you would have IRL.)

  5. #613602013-07-23 12:53:34Dec said:

    Exactly so. I usually never wake up from dreams unless if they include strong fears I have. Although there has been the odd occasion where I've woken up in a panic and to the point I'm crying yet I have not the faintest idea why I feel complete terror. It's horrible.

  6. #613582013-07-23 12:46:38Cenica said:

    @CloudVariasKira That dream honestly sounds...boring.

    My dreams are usually pretty hectic and vary greatly. Some of the past dreams I have include: battles on flying vehicles with food being launched from canons below, adventures on alien planets, various world domination schemes, playing the tragic hero, playing the serial murderer, and adventures in fantasy lands. Actually....a lot of my story ideas come from my more crazy dreams.

    Also a lot of my dreams I forget on waking up and usually the only recurring dreams I have are nightmares. Lately the nightmare theme has been tornadoes. Though I must say nothing truly nightmarish has happened yet in the late Tornado Dreams. (Also wondering why there is a dance studio in my basement...)

  7. #613642013-07-23 13:55:44Cloud-VK said:

    Haha well you haven't met her. "Boring" isn't not even close to how I'd describe it, I just generalized my explanation of my dream to much.

    I'm a lucid dreamer so my dreams are a little different. In my dreams I am in total control of them. ... I got that power for another reoccurring chain of dreams were I'd walk into a convenient store and buy something I really want. Then when I walked out the store I'd wake up, so then one night it clicked and I stood up to that grumpy cashier and ever since then I gained controll of the majority of my dreams.

  8. #613662013-07-23 14:27:06Cenica said:

    Yes. I'm usually in control of my dreams too. To the point where I can actually wake myself up if I don't like where things are going but the majority of the time I just go with the flow. I mean who doesn't love battles and bloodshed?

    I got that power from having nightmares as a kid, recurring ones, and knowing people were going to die I'd try to put a stop to it. Which ended up as me being able to wake myself up and eventually I was able to change the course of the dream.

  9. #613682013-07-23 14:34:44Chestnut_Rice said:

    Uh, not sure about this. Most of my dreams are pretty random, and I can't lucid dream, but.

    I don't know why but often I end up joining a group of rebels or some thing trying to take down the man or what ever.

    One particular example I remember was when I walked all the way to St. Louis during nuclear winter, and joined a gang of criminals who were at war with a police clan.

    There were several where I had to uncover a conspiracy by a greedy company or government along with a bunch of other misfits.

    I had a bunch where I was in a cyberpunkish East Asian city running away from the police.

    Most of the reasons for which I was running, I forget. And also I don't remember what conspiracies I was trying to uncover too, but I'm pretty sure they were pretty sinister.

  10. #613692013-07-23 14:41:19Cenica said:

    XD I remember having a conspiracy dream about some detective stuff. During the dream all these crazy facts worked together and made sense, but after I woke up I was like, "What. the. heck. The duck was the serial murderer and his weapon of choice was the sponge?"

  11. #613702013-07-23 14:42:04 *Ecstasy said:

    I'm having this dream where I moderate some site in the webz cuz I have no life, lmao. Wish I could wake up.

  12. #613732013-07-23 15:15:11johan_5179 said:

    My dreams are either very boring such as me living as I am with some nominal changes, or extremely weird where people drop dead like flies someone just stepped on. Messy and violent. I don't think I ever talk during these. And while the boring ones are usually pretty funny, the messy ones can have me playing both perpetrator and victim, sometimes both at once.

    And I once had an inception like dream where I remember waking up twice in quick succession. That one was very mundane apart from the waking up twice part.

  13. #613742013-07-23 15:23:31SENsei said:

    CL is just my dream. None of you are real. You're just here until the day I decide to wake up and finally go to school to turn in my report to Ms. Sidenstricker. Which is probably never. Enjoy eternity.

  14. #615012013-07-23 23:31:48 *Penthus said:

    I'm walking down a hot sidewalk. To my right, on top of a red car, is a pale, naked woman. She looks to be around my age or older. She is breathing rather heavily and lying on her back. I notice that her eyes are also red, matching the car. She looks like she's dying. I pick her up and carry her back to my apartment. I lay her on my leather couch, and give her some water and cover her body with a blanket. I am in the kitchen when she slithers her way into it. I fall to the floor, afraid of what is coming. She looks almost like Kayako Saeki. When she finally gets herself to me, barely an inch away from my face, she whispers something I cannot understand. She later is engulfed in black smoke and what is left is a small, crystal statue of what appears to be a medieval king, ten inches in height. I pick it up, and I whisper "Death". When I say that, I know that I'm saying that that woman was indeed a soul harvester (Lol I know these last parts sounds cheesy, but it's what was understood in my dream). My dream then fades into a tall, thin, dark-haired woman. She is about seven feet tall, and her body is covered in gray, black, and blue cloth. Most of my apartment's furniture and walls are now made of crystal or glass. My couch is still of black leather. She appears to be the reason for my home's major changes. I see her levitating crystal formations and shaping them into bigger objects that I cannot recognize. I tell her to leave. She responds with anger, and forms crystal giants that threaten. Each of the giants' joints are only connected through her magic as there are spaces in between them. They levitate several yards away from me, ready for an attack. I say that she is allowed to stay. She calms down and melts the giants back into the walls. She also seems to have a daughter by her side. A miniature version of herself that is only a foot in height. My dream then fades into the same sidewalk I had been walking on earlier. I see a red car to my right. Same sidewalk, same car, same woman. Or at least someone that greatly resembles her. I pick her up and carry her to my home. I set her on the couch, and nurse her back to health. On the kitchen table, I see what appears to be a chess board. Each side is complete with crystal pieces. When I return to the living room to give the Death woman more water, all that is left is another crystal king. I take it in my hand. I lower myself to a robotic I apparently know girl and ask her, "What should I do with it?" She responds with nothing. I crush the king in my bare hand, and walk away into the kitchen to resume my cooking.

    Almost all of them are like that, but with me usually dying at the end.

  15. #615102013-07-24 00:00:02--Jack-- said:

    I remember a nightmare from when I was little. I found myself in a wooded area, but it had a shack/garage-like building in it. At first I tried to find my way out, but it seemed too scary and I heard things out in the woods. So I went inside the little building. Inside, there seemed to be a big pit and no floor, as if someone dug down 4 feet under the floor for no reason. I jogged down to the graveled floor as I heard something behind me. There were old, rotten support beams in the room, jutting up from the dirt floor. As I heard something walk in, I hid behind the thin beam, barely blocking my face. I only caught a glance as I moved behind the beam. I didn't want to look at it. The thing was tall and dark and I couldn't make out any other details. My mind just showed something bad in my dream. I stood behind the post as the thing stood still. I stood there for some time, and suddenly I just woke up. The dream simply ended for no reason.

    After retelling this in my head, I realized something odd. A certain creepypasta fits this perfectly.


    The odd part is I didn't know about Slenderman when I was that age. Funny.

  16. #615702013-07-24 16:21:15megumi-tan said:

    I had a dream a few days ago. It started with me just in my house going about my day, when my parents suddenly just disappeared into thin air. Me and my sister were left behind, and she was freaking out. I then was trying to figure out what had happened, and came to the conclusion that it was the rapture. If you are religious, you might know that this refers to the second coming of Christ, where he comes to earth and takes all the "saved" people and leaves behind the "un-saved" ones. He then lets the earth go to shit before destroying it along with killing and sending the rest of the people to hell. Horay~ My parents tell me about this a lot, and even though I don't really believe it, I probably check to see if they are still here (on earth) 3. To 4times a day. I know it sounds stupid, but I think about it a lot, and I have a lot of dreams about it.

    Back to my dream. So I realize my mom and dad are now having a party with JC and the boys, and I'm fucked and sure to go to hell, but first must live through these 7 years of like hell on earth or something. My sister asks me where mom and dad went, and I just tell her they will be back. I go to my dads sock droor and find a box of bullets, then look under a chair in the living room and get a shot gun. While my sister isn't paying any attention, I shoot her in the back of the head, then the same to my dog, and finally, I point the gun under my chin and kill myself.

    I really hated this dream, cause I realised if the rapture ever did happen, I would indeed kill my sis, my dog, and me to just get it over with.

    A few days later I was doing laundry. I had socks to put in my dads room, and when I opened the droor, there was a box of bullets. This freaked me out cause I had never seen them, only in my dream. I looked under the chair to see if the shot gun was there too, but it wasn't.

  17. #615932013-07-24 21:18:24KupidValentine said:

    Well My dreams vary from smoking a blunt with Mona Lisa to Flying over the world, my dreams usually don't make sense but some times i dream of events that happen later on in my life, kinda weird The latest dream i had i was watching the news and some type of plague hit america craziness smh

  18. #617102013-07-26 15:48:42Chestnut_Rice said:

    Often I fall asleep in class or what ever and "dream". Basically I hear what other people are saying, but I can't remember any of it, and I sort of wander through the various ideas in my mind, which can get really obtuse some times, but never get any good "images" out of it. When I come to it's sort of like "woah I wasn't fully awake?"

    Also I will forever remember that one time when I was little where I swam through my water-filled house down the stairs into the living room to find Yoda and Buzz Lightyear fighting.

  19. #617252013-07-27 03:55:50Evangelina said:

    Sometimes, I have dreams pertaining to certain individuals like my boyfriend or my best friend. Other times, I have crazy adventure dreams where I can move water with my hands like the Avatar series. I have a few natural disaster dreams as well, like a tsunami is coming towards me and I have to figure out what to do, but it never actually comes to me being killed.

    I remember one dream I had; I was holding hands with my boyfriend and then that day, we held hands for the first time. Kinda psychic I think :D

    Anyways, that's just me.

  20. #649802013-10-26 06:30:03mizlily said:

    When I was young I always had this nightmare, I would be sleeping then suddenly all the puppets of sesame street came to life and started chasing me. It was scary because I could not wake up even though I knew I was dreaming. My dreams are never coherent, does that say anything?

  21. #649812013-10-26 07:49:11Kirn said:

    Oh, I didn't know we have this thread. Well, it's a good time for me to notice it.

    I see a lot of dreams. No, I see A FUCKING LOT of dreams. I am quite sure that I see more than a sane person should see. I don't even know what dreams I didn't see. Action dreams? Check. Dreams that seem real? Check. Nightmares? Check. Sex dreams? Fuck yeah! Just plain weird dreams? Naturally.

    When I was little, I had recurring dream, which was a sort of a nightmare. All I saw in this dream is a working gramophone, but all the sound from it was just a sort of static sound. And I hated that. I couldn't wake up from that. Thankfully, it stopped, and now I don't have any recurring dreams. But the dreams themselves didn't stop at all.
    I had dreams where I was flying. I had dreams where I was killed (that was interesting). I had a dream where I saw my mother jumping of a building. I had two dreams during which I made some changes to my surroundings and those changes were there when I woke up. Some of my dreams use memories. I mean, I don't dream about past things, but in dreams I act based on stuff I remember. And sometimes those memories are actually fake. And sometimes those are just memories from another dreams. It can get quite confusing, really. Oh, and sometimes I have control over the dream, but sometimes I do not. Sometimes I can't even wake up from it, but sometimes I can change anything I want.

    And here's another strange thing. Sometimes I get the periods when I see dreams every single fucking night. And it usually lasts for 7-14 days. And let me tell you, since most of my dreams are extremely active, I sometimes get more tired after sleeping than I get after working.
    And I am on such a streak right now. Two nights ago I dreamed about a girl being chased by a maniac, and I had no control over that dream whatsoever. One night ago I had a dream where I arrived in some new town and ended up being in a horror scenario akin to what King writes. Had no control over that one too, by the way. Tonight I dreamed that I am a monster hunter in a modern world and I saved two people who decided to join me in my fight. I didn't have control over dream itself, but I could decide what I do and say in it.

    So yeah, even in dreams I have quite an interesting life.

  22. #651112013-10-29 12:25:41TeruShinozaki said:

    i fucking dreamt just now, like literally just now that i stumbled across a little girl's defiled grave and from her casket left slightly ajar, her fucking eyelids swung open, looked directly at me and asked me if i wanted to be crucified

    that dream singlehandedly woke me up from much needed sleep after staying awake for 24 hours

    i don't think i'll be able to sleep again tonight

    subconscious pls i'm trying to get some shuteye GOsh

  23. #651122013-10-29 14:22:40AnimeShifter said:

    I don't dream. I have nightmares. One of the most repetitive ones was where I was standing on the edge of the cliff in front of people. I ended up stabbing them and pushing them down.

  24. #651562013-10-31 02:45:08DevilsDevina said:

    Well, I had this terrible dream that lasted for more than a week. Every night I saw myself with a huge crowd of people, and when I look closer I realized it was my relatives and friends. I tried talking to them but they all ignored me. After a while a girl appeared in front of me asking me to join her instead of staying inside the huge crowd. In another dream i was walking in a school with my family but they left me in there. Then I saw the same girl, hanging in the ceiling with blood all over her. I was scared and ran away towards my house. I looked behind me and the girl was there, extending her arm and asking me again to join her instead of staying. "No one loves you, come with me instead". I didn't say anything, I just ran away from the girl without looking back. Then I waked up crying like an idiot.