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What do you dream?

  1. #847722014-11-25 06:19:41Farris said:

    This night I dreamt that: I was in chat on CL and I made a joke, DC complimented me and said I was funny. I'm scared...

  2. #848062014-11-26 15:11:16HTF said:

    I had a dream recently about being lost in the woods, with lots of snow and no path in sight. And I got led out of there by a penguin. Which was very weird.

  3. #848522014-11-28 01:01:39instantmusic71 said:

    I've been having more and more dreams were I am chased down and killed by close friends and immediate family, and sometimes teachers lately. I wake up really stressed and tired a lot as a result.

    Anyways, fun fact: drinking apple juice helps you remember your dreams better (I can vouch), and good nutrition like fruits and vegetables before bed makes you dreams more vivid!

  4. #961552015-12-24 01:52:35Koushiro said:

    Ikept having dreams about her and she kept calling my name, then waking up either crying or that i fell out of bed. Also for some reason, sometimes i see my body sleeping. Idk, i might be alien.

  5. #961792015-12-24 07:08:57Kinnear said:

    My dreams often have to do with some amazing adventure I'm having. Something happens in my life that changes it completely, and I play through the events following that. Sometimes it's a paradise, sometimes things go bad. But I enjoy it either way.

  6. #965262015-12-28 17:49:16 *Enami said:

    Well as a kid i actually had a lot of gore dreams in a certain period because of some movies dad was getting us to watch with him, well my sis was really scared of that at the time so she would dream about some scenes for days on a row, as for me, i just dreamt of gore stuff not necessarily scenes i saw on the movie but they did influence my dreams like seeing people getting chopped up in half, getting sliced by a saw or cracking someone 's head with a huge ancient weapon or stuff.

    And then for a long time (years) i dreamed of getting killed in a lot of different ways, and once when i was in 4th grade (elementary school) i dreamt of my sis arguing with a guy who was in the same school on a bridge above the sea and i was just watching and not knowing what to do then it was getting kinda intense so i tried to stop them but my sis was too furious so she didn't pay attention to me and pushed me off the bridge and the fall (which is a pretty common dream) was too realistic that i felt like i actually did fall on my bed from above when i woke up.

    I dreamt for most of my childhood of me getting killed or about to get killed or falling from high places, i got a lot of dreams of jumping from high places or falling from them or just struggling to not fall from them (the last one is pretty intense i would wake up really scared haha) and now i just dream of a lot of different scenarios which are pretty realistic most of the time, like someone close to me dying (thse kinds of dreams tend to be very realistic and full of details) or just things i have an urge to do but would never do because i have a will, like beat up (or kill) someone that seriously pissed me off or stuff like that, it gets pretty creative haha :'D

    And there's the weird and random dreams that i get every now and then, or ones that are completely unrealistic, include people idk or something and it's just like reading a story, there's no specific genre though lol xD

  7. #965932015-12-30 03:06:54armedzerox said:

    Last night it was a dream where i was a stuntman doing stunt in a circus with a GP superbike.

    Don't ask me why. Blame it on the brain... it was soo random that i laughed after i woke up.

  8. #965992015-12-30 05:43:28ImmaculateSable said:

    I usually tend to dream of events that happen within the same day. ie: I dreamt of stepping on a roach on my way to the bathroom and when I woke up and made my way to the bathroom I instantly stepped on a roach. I also had a dream of talking to my old coworker from over 5 years ago and bumped into her on my way to work. Pretty trippy.

  9. #968122016-01-03 02:40:19Koushiro said:

    I deamed of being an apple that has five feet and four hands, and everytime i walk, my floor turned into some sort of sugary-grainy looking thing. I think I should stop eating apples for awhile.


  10. #968442016-01-03 22:20:44Kittycat said:

    I had a nightmare two nights ago. It was about me finishing school for the day and driving home, but it turned out that I forgot I had another class after I was already at home! At that point it was too much for me so I had to wake up. spooooookiieeeee

  11. #978352016-01-22 04:10:00 *Lieutenant said:

    I was in rather an unfamiliar house, but in that dream, it's as if we've been living there for so long. So yeah, there were me any my older (biological) sister. And then there was this old woman (I don't remember who was she but she appeared to be important, especially to me.

    It was night time. There was like a small reunion in the house or something. There were my mother, my step-mother, my older sister and I, and the old woman (and probably there were others but not that I can remember). We were trying to get drinks (?), until a small incident happened. Something about the water being unclean (?), so my mother checked it and I was unsure if she was angry with me or not.

    That's when all the weird shit happened.

    She asked me if I'm dead. I was like "What? Come on!" and then she asked the old woman, "Or maybe it's you, who had lived a thousand lives.". The old woman seemed flattered (I have no idea why). Then you know what? Turns out she's actually an angel, not a human. She gave out a giggle, and suddenly it felt as if the wind is sucking in behind her back, and she started to change form. At the time, she was standing at the balcony, but the balcony has no railing on it, so it's just a long way down. She grew wings, but instead of flying, she got herself sucked into the void, as if it's intentional, the void sucked her in like a blender, and we eventually saw her being ripped apart, though it looked as if it's all part of the plan. A few later, she got sucked in completely while I remember myself trying to reach out to her but failed. And all while it happened, she fell by her back down from the balcony, so she fell and disappear into nothingness.

    Right after that happened, a thunder followed by with a sudden heavy rain. It had all gone too dramatic. I looked at my mother, went to her and wanted to hug her but she already rejected my open arms for whatever reason that I do not know of. She asked me if I have been doing well, eating well, doing good in life overall. I was like "Well, yeah why wouldn't I?". She walked by to the balcony and eyes over the bottom but saw nothing. It was still raining heavily and she already got wet from it. She turned around and looked at me, I was pretty sure she said something, to which I couldn't hear because of the sound of the thunders and rain. She then smiled.

    And then, she jumped. She fell herself on her back down, and her figure, gone. On that moment, I felt as if I fucked up. All I remember after that was I myself gone hysterical. You know when you're screaming so hard in your dream that you can't even hear it? Yeah, that. My stepmother came out from her room and my sister told her everything, and everything went chaos.

    I was scarred for life. All I remembered was that I screamed really hard, frantically crying, too much shock that it woke me up.

  12. #1013802016-04-17 22:43:07 *Cloud-VK said:

    Last night my dream was so wild I woke up with a headache.

    I dreamed I was the main character in an anime, I was a good looking messy hair average joe anime character, and I was in jail. I spent the first part of the dream breaking out of jail.

    When I was on the run I ran into a adorable white haired girl named Maria. She was hitch-hicking (running away from her famliy) and she helped me escape the cops. Then we went on this long heartfelt adventure, met alot of interesting charaters, and just when it was getting really really good ...I woke up to my god damn cat purring directly in to my ear.

    QQ fucking cat.