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What do you dream?

  1. #1013852016-04-18 03:17:58 *ID_Tuner said:

    I had one crazy dream a few months back. I don't know what contributed to it, honestly. But for some reason, I dreamed I was being chased by Jason Vorhees! In my town! >_<

    And the strangest thing is, I've never seen the whole movie! Only clips! -.- It made NO sense whatsoever! 0 Sense! Nada! ZIp! Not one Iota of sense!

    And the funniest part? When I told one of my friends about it, they thought i was taking about Jason Borne! >_<* Really? Does Jason Borne chase people with knives and shit?!

  2. #1063982016-08-23 14:35:14 *Yugure said:

    I dreamed last night about going to the same school as two of my former classmates (girls - call them A and B coz you don't know them), and Girl A's boyfriend. We played League during one break, with Girl A's boyfriend versus Girl B, and me versus Girl A. Then I accidentally stolen a kill without looking, and I caught myself giggling even though I was falling asleep.

    Then I woke up, because my back hurts.

  3. #1065022016-08-27 13:22:51Rebel said:

    weirdest dream... I dreamt I woke up in another dream and wanted to take a piss, but something didn't seem right when I was about to take a piss in the toilet bowl. The toilet had eyes and was telling me "go on take a piss." to that i said no and it attack me, we fought till i woke up... Never trust your toilet

  4. #1065432016-08-29 14:41:37supergal_gene said:

    I usually do have the most random of dreams. But I mostly dream of nightmares.. like zombie apocalypse and just weird yandere things. But before anything happens to me I wake up (at 3 am usually) and yeah..

  5. #1066062016-09-02 00:15:06EvoRulz said:

    I dreamed that I had a DS when I was a kid and woke up feeling totally ripped off, cause I was that one kid in my group of friends who didn't >->

  6. #1066452016-09-03 05:38:16Rinneko said:

    I dreamt I'd injured my ankle. I was embarrassed and refused to share the story behind it with my friends. Suspicious backstory, huh?

  7. #1066752016-09-05 02:47:26imugem said:

    I had a dream that every college that I applied to turned me down and I had no where to go. It's scared me enough to apply to a college that I don't really want to go to but I'm confident I can get in if all else fails.

  8. #1067042016-09-05 23:17:51 *Bayne said:

    My dreams have consistencies. There's always a city, always a girl I'm meant to find. I enter whatever city my subconscious chooses (last night it was San Francisco) and start exploring. It seems that no matter which direction I choose, I'll eventually cross paths with her. My dreams end when she turns around and smiles at me

    I think I'll teach myself to have lucid dreams and ask her who she is

  9. #1069552016-09-13 12:52:36Yugure said:

    This time, about the invasion of corrupted dinosaurs (seriously, wtf are all these recent dreams).

    Can't go anywhere because it requires 3 years, discovering corrupted eggs, surviving by pretending to be a Grade 9 student and running around some school, ended up someone gathering them all and summoning the eggs' parents - a mother and father alien. Then they used me, my middle finger's nail, some of my teeth and some of my meat as offerings.

    Then it turned out to be a TV show?!

  10. #1069792016-09-14 05:55:24 *Rebel said:

    about nothing, then I woke up into another dream about nothing, then dream i went to sleep in my dream which woke me up...

  11. #1069832016-09-14 09:49:33supergal_gene said:

    At first it was just a normal dream really... I was in school and my Bs chemistry classmates were in downtown campus (they are usually in TC) and I was avoiding them .. so I ran until Im in a highway of some sorts. It all seemed normal til I got lost and just went back my way. But the thing was that, there was nothing but the road anymore. And these ghosts started appearing, trying to get me.. so I obviouslY tried dodging.. until a lot started appearing and almost got me. So I told myself in the dream to wake up and I did. And behold it was 3 am.. -.-

  12. #1132802018-02-07 13:49:09 *Cloud-VK said:

    I had another weird anime style dream, this time I dreamt that I had just transferred to some rich private academy through some sort of tie to the director of the school, which landed me in a room in the directors home. Now, the director had three daughters, two that were just kids and one that was a bit younger than me that attended the academy.

    After spending a awkward first night at the directors home, the oldest daughter, I don't remember her name, had the job of showing around the school. Which was a long walk, the rich kids shot me nasty glares and shot snob comments under their breaths, and the daughter asked tons of questions I couldn't answer, questions about my connection to her father and my reasons for attending the academy.

    The daughter had black long black hair and she was slender, really pretty. But she didn't like me at all, she acted all mature and superior, but she maintained some sort of resentment towards me. She wasn't rude though. Though we lived under the same roof we didn't talk to each other much at all, just small talk and glares. Her little sisters liked me though and they always wanted to play, and eventually the older one caught on to that and she gave in a little, becoming slightly more friendly.

    One afternoon, after our final class of the day, she asked me if I was walking home with her, I said she could go on cause I was going to take a shower first, I didn't like showering at the director's fancy house.

    So I made my way to the guys shower past the school gym, when I pushed my way into the gym though, I found that there was a bunch of rich guys messing around after school. They all froze when they saw me and of course headed in my direction. They came at me with a bunch of: You don't belong. Are you lost? Get out of here trash. I just ignored them and tried to continue to the showers, the first punch was thrown, a brawl started.

    Afterwards I was back at the fancy house in a new change of cloths, I carried my tattered uniform to the older daughter's room, knocked on the door, when she answered she obviously was taken aback by my beaten appearance and maybe cause I never visited her at her room, she was speechless, I tried smoothing things over by asking where the laundry room was.

    But she took my uniform and said she would take care of it, I thanked her, and the dream ended.

  13. #1132832018-02-07 19:15:00Cloud-VK said:

    Yeah, I wouldn't even a remembered that, but my brother asked me when I got up if I had any weird dreams, jogged my memory. Apparently my bro had a zombie apocalypse dream lol