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  1. New Little King's Story (王と魔王と7人の姫君たち~新・王様物語~) for PS Vita!

    #189772012-03-21 09:38:24 *eterno said:

    The only reason to buy a vita for me.

    So I just had my 'Little King's Story' arrived in my mailbox today and just like every new game, I go to google to find every nook n' cranny about it.

    Then I saw it on the suggestion box, "Little King's Story 2". I figured, "What the heck." and search for it and there I saw it...

    Little King's Story 2 coming for PS VITA!

    The news is kinda old but holy crap, A SEQUEL? I thought this game didn't do well enough to get a sequel! This game is bloody awesome! And it's coming out on 29th March (Japanese version)! English or no English, I'm totally buying it!

  2. #282772012-06-02 22:16:55Settsuo-kun said:

    This needs more love! Really looking forward to playing this just saw the English trailer which made me cry girly tears of manliness!

  3. #422942012-11-10 06:58:18 *eterno said:

    Friendly reminder: This game's been out for more than a month now. It costs $40. Go buy it if you haven't! Even when you don't own a Vita!