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Parent: Jehovah Witnesses thread

  1. #191042012-03-22 00:59:29Wolfangle said:

    @eterno watched that movie..yea was a bit funny.. and when someone doesnt want to hear us..we sometimes just like it if you take our magazine...even if you are just gonna throw it away. =.= and some only try to get you to do a study when you seem really interested... so if you have your own religion, then fine~ reject us..if your not interested or an strong atheist... reject us

    personally, i dont like forcing faith on people or having a debate on things...

    and as for mentioning it as HERESY...ugh =.= if your happy and believe in god.. then believe in god, -preaching for that person has ending till next time- and next time might be in 2 or 3 months..most likely 3 months