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Parent: What do you dream?

  1. #191072012-03-22 01:10:47Maryam said:

    Last night I had one of the longest dreams ever. But i shall only tell the part about @Guardian3 .

    It was at some historical landmark with ruins and whatnot. (We have a shitty conversation and he calls me fat.) It suddenly becomes pitch black. Guard starts shouting commands at us (I have no idea who "us" is).

    He says things such as, "DON'T LET IT BITE YOU! IT'S RABID!" and "IF IT BITES YOU...THERE'S NOTHING MORE I CAN DO!" His voice echoes in my mind and feels distant. It is the only thing I can hear..or sense.

    I hear a gate jingle and creak open. I hear low growling near me. I dash to the gate, thinking IT is behind me. Fucking dogs. I can't move. My arm is caught in something. I feel along the length of my arm to find it caught in the teeth of a large canine. Fucking dogs.

    The teeth dont pierce my skin. I wrestle with the dog and manage to unclench its teeth. IN THE DARK!

    Fuck dogs.