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Parent: Jehovah Witnesses thread

  1. #191102012-03-22 01:28:53Lumiex said:

    Okay...I see no formal discussion or debate in here. Let me get you guys rolling, but before I do...let me state here that I do not believe in God.

    Let's see...what do I know about Jehovah's Witnesses -They don't celebrate Holidays -They are Presbyterians with a hierarchy -They don't salute the flag etc and have been accuse for "lack of Nationalism" -Some members are especially appointed the position to go door to door preaching. -They reject blood transfusions as it violate's "God's Law" or a passage of the bible -They do not follow ALL the bible, and believe some parts are purely symbolic. -They do not support same sex marriage and homosexual relationships as such is filed to be extremely "sinful" -They do not believe in Hell nor it's existence but believe the state of human form is the punishment for sin. [I don't think I explained this quite right, but this is what I DO know.] -The religion is Patriarchal -They believe in eventual Armageddon